The Headliners Club Wedding // Kelsey + Patton


We are delighted to share with you Kelsey and Patton’s The Headliners Club Wedding. Located in the heart of the city, The Headliners Club stands out with its panoramic views and timeless elegance. With its sophisticated atmosphere and impeccable service, it provides the perfect setting to celebrate Kelsey and Patton’s love.

The excitement of Kelsey and Patton reached its peak as they exchanged vows against the backdrop of the city skyline. Surrounded by family and friends, they shared their happiness by dancing until the early hours of the morning. Coordinator Brian Rudy-Moghaddasi meticulously planned every detail of the day. While Headliners’ delicious cuisine delighted the taste buds, the cake crafted by Kayla Knight Cakes added a touch of elegance. The floral arrangements by Zu Zu Petals brought natural grace to the event.

The invitations, designed by The Know, reflected the event’s sophisticated atmosphere, while Kelsey’s gown from Saks exuded timeless beauty. Rhythm Congress‘s musical talents kept the dance floor lively, and Adore Makeup Boutique ensured Kelsey shone radiantly. Sound Originals captured every moment with artistic finesse.

Everybody who witnessed Kelsey and Patton’s union can still feel optimism and joy from their love story as they begin this new chapter of their lives together. For more heartwarming love tales like this one and ideas for romantic getaways for couples, visit our website.

The Headliners Club Wedding Photos

Headliners Club Menu

Sliding smoothly from their magical ceremony, let’s now explore the mouthwatering treats of the Headliners Club Menu. The superb items on the Headliners Club Menu entice the palate. Every meal, from rich sweets to spicy appetizers, is made with care and enthusiasm. Set the mood for the evening with delectable appetizers to begin your culinary adventure. Savor delectable dishes that have been skillfully prepared by the skilled chefs at Headliners. Remember to leave space for dessert as well, as each delicious delicacy is a work of art. Every mouthful of the Headliners Club Menu is an ode to culinary perfection and affection.

Headliners Club Membership Cost

Transitioning seamlessly from their delightful feast, let’s now explore the affordability of the Headliners Club Membership Cost. The Headliners Club Membership Cost offers exceptional value for couples seeking exclusive access to unparalleled amenities. With flexible membership options, couples can enjoy benefits such as priority booking, discounts on events, and personalized service. Investing in a Headliners Club membership ensures that your special day is met with unmatched sophistication and convenience.

Headliners Club Austin Dress Code

With that, let’s move on to discussing the Headliners Club Austin’s dress code and effectively leaving their delicious dinner behind. The Headliners Club Austin maintains a dress code to preserve a feeling of refinement and elegance. Wear business casual during the day. For women, this means dress pants or a skirt paired with a blouse or sweater; for males, it means slacks or nice jeans paired with a collared shirt. When evening comes, switch up your look with a business suit for women and a dress or dress pants and top for men. Remember that some items, such as shorts, sportswear, flip flops, and ripped clothing, are prohibited to maintain the club’s classy ambiance.

Headliners Club Events

Transitioning seamlessly from the discussion of the dress code, let’s now explore the vibrant events scene at the Headliners Club. Headliners Club offers a dynamic lineup of events to enhance your experience. Enjoy live music every night, spanning various genres to suit every taste. Laugh the night away at comedy shows featuring local and national comedians. Additionally, indulge in special events throughout the year, including private parties and charity events. At Headliners Club, there’s always something exciting happening to complement your celebration.


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