The Current Hotel Wedding // Sherman + Natalie


Sherman and Natalie chose the modern elegance of The Current Hotel in Tampa for their wedding celebration. The venue’s chic ambiance and stunning waterfront views created an ideal setting for their special day. Every detail, from the beautifully arranged spaces to the impeccable service, highlighted the couple‚Äôs exquisite taste.

The culinary experience that delighted all senses was provided by The Current Hotel itself, catering the event. Sweetie’s Delights supplied a decadent cake that was both a visual and gastronomic centerpiece. The vibrant floral arrangements by Leaf It To Us added a burst of color and life to the venue, complementing the joyful atmosphere.

Tampa Event DJs masterfully handled the entertainment, keeping the dance floor alive with energy and excitement. Natalie looked absolutely breathtaking, her beauty enhanced by DS Hair & Makeup Creations LLC, who also managed her hair and makeup with expert care.

Photographs taken by Sound Originals captured the essence and emotion of Sherman and Natalie’s wedding day. Their ability to freeze moments in time ensures that the couple will have memories to cherish forever. For those planning a wedding, visiting Sound Originals is a must to understand the magic they can bring to your day.

The Current Hotel Wedding Photos

The Current Hotel Events

Following the enchanting wedding of Sherman and Natalie at The Current Hotel, it’s clear why this venue is a top choice for couples in Tampa. The Current Hotel specializes in creating unforgettable events, thanks to its sophisticated design and breathtaking waterfront views. Each celebration is tailored with impeccable attention to detail, ensuring a unique and seamless experience. From gourmet catering in-house to stunning spaces that transform any event, The Current Hotel stands out as an ideal location for luxury weddings and events. These events are sure to impress.

Hotel Wedding Venues Orlando

Transitioning from the coastal charm of Tampa’s The Current Hotel, Orlando offers its array of stunning hotel wedding venues. In the heart of Florida, these venues blend magical settings with exceptional service, making every wedding spectacular. Whether you’re dreaming of a lavish ballroom affair or a more intimate celebration, Orlando’s hotels have what you need. They provide versatile spaces that cater to any couple’s style and guest list. With expert event planners and bespoke catering options, these venues ensure your wedding day is enchanting. It will be as magical as the city itself. For those seeking a memorable start to marital bliss, Orlando’s hotels are a perfect choice.

Restaurants near The Current Hotel Tampa

As you explore wedding venues in Orlando, don’t miss the vibrant dining scene near The Current Hotel in Tampa. This area boasts an array of restaurants, offering everything from upscale seafood to casual bistros. Ideal for rehearsal dinners or post-wedding brunches, these eateries offer a delightful culinary experience. They provide diverse menus to satisfy all palates. Conveniently located, guests can enjoy a meal with waterfront views or dine under the stars. Each restaurant near The Current Hotel enhances your wedding festivities with exceptional food. They also provide a welcoming atmosphere, ensuring your celebration is delicious and memorable.

Hotel Floridian Wedding

After savoring the culinary delights near The Current Hotel in Tampa, consider the exquisite Hotel Floridian for your wedding venue. Nestled in the heart of Florida, this hotel embodies elegance with a blend of classic charm and modern luxury. The Floridian offers versatile spaces that are perfect for any wedding size, from grand ballrooms to intimate terraces. With professional planning services and top-notch catering, they ensure your special day is flawless. The Hotel Floridian’s dedicated staff and beautiful settings create a truly magical atmosphere, making it an idyllic choice for couples looking for a dream wedding.


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