Tavares Pavilion Wedding // Chloe + Gregory


Nestled in Orlando, FL, Tavares Pavilion provided the perfect backdrop for Chloe and Gregory’s wedding. Located right on the lake, the venue offered breathtaking views, enhancing the romantic atmosphere. Its architecture and design contributed to a stunning environment that captivated every guest. Inside, sophisticated décor seamlessly blended charm and grandeur.

Amina Price expertly coordinated the event, ensuring a smooth flow throughout the day. John Michael Catering delighted guests with exquisite dishes, while The Naked Cupcake served up irresistible desserts. Every detail, from the custom invitations by Minted to Chloe’s elegant gown from Lily’s Bridal, reflected the couple’s meticulous attention to style.

As the evening unfolded, Chloe and Gregory took to the dance floor with music from Complete Wedding and Events energizing the space. Meanwhile, photographers from Sound Originals skillfully captured every moment. Their work is impressive, and visiting their website is highly recommended for those who appreciate fine photography.

Chloe and Gregory’s celebration at Tavares Pavilion marked more than just a special day—it was the start of their beautiful journey together. Every element, carefully planned and beautifully executed, contributed to a memorable start to their life as a married couple.

Tavares Pavilion Wedding Photos

Hotels near Tavares Pavilion on the Lake

Building on the charm of Chloe and Gregory’s Tavares Pavilion wedding, guests might seek nearby accommodations. Conveniently, several hotels close to Tavares Pavilion on the Lake offer comfort and elegance. These establishments boast amenities that enhance any stay, from luxurious spas to fine dining. Each hotel ensures that visitors can relax in style after celebrating at the wedding. With their proximity to the venue, these hotels provide the perfect retreat for wedding guests and families, making it easy to continue enjoying the beauty of the area.

Tavares Pavilion Rental

Following a discussion on nearby accommodations, it’s worth exploring the Tavares Pavilion rental itself. Ideal for weddings, this venue boasts an exquisite lakeside location that guarantees stunning photos and an unforgettable atmosphere. The Pavilion offers versatile space options for both large and intimate gatherings, ensuring a perfect fit for any event size. Rental includes access to modern facilities and a scenic pier, enhancing every aspect of the event. With its breathtaking views and elegant settings, Tavares Pavilion remains a top choice for couples looking to make their wedding day truly special.

Tavares Pavilion Calendar

After considering Tavares Pavilion as your venue, checking the Tavares Pavilion Calendar is crucial for planning. This tool is invaluable for selecting your perfect date, offering a clear view of available slots throughout the year. The calendar is regularly updated, ensuring that couples have the most current information at their fingertips. Whether you’re aiming for a summer celebration or a winter wonderland wedding, the Tavares Pavilion Calendar helps streamline your planning process. Providing easy access to date availability, allows couples to quickly move forward with securing their special day.

Tavares Pavilion on the Lake Reviews

Continuing with the essentials of wedding planning, exploring the Tavares Pavilion on the Lake reviews is the next logical step. These reviews shed light on past experiences, highlighting the venue’s exceptional service and stunning location. Many reviewers praise the seamless coordination and the breathtaking lakeside views that Tavares Pavilion offers. Positive feedback often notes the professional staff and the venue’s ability to create a magical wedding atmosphere. Such testimonials are invaluable for couples considering Tavares Pavilion, providing reassurance and insights that can help shape their own decision to celebrate their special day at this renowned location.


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