Sterling Event Venue Wedding // Anna + Christopher


Anna and Christopher’s wedding at Sterling Event Venue in Orlando, FL, was nothing short of spectacular. This modern venue dazzled with its elegant interiors and lush gardens. Every corner was adorned with floral arrangements from Le Fleur Attelier – Jolie, adding a touch of nature’s beauty. The venue’s lighting transformed the atmosphere into an enchanting evening. Guests enjoyed the spacious layout that accommodated both intimate moments and grand celebrations. Sterling’s versatility made it the perfect canvas for their big day.

Anna, in her stunning gown from The Dressing Room, and Christopher, dapper as ever, shared heartfelt vows. Heather Lange, their meticulous planner, orchestrated the day flawlessly, ensuring every detail was perfect. Arthur’s Catering served gourmet dishes that pleased every palate, while The Cake Cottage crafted a gorgeous and tasty cake. The sounds of DJMJ set a lively tone for the reception, keeping guests dancing all night. Kristy’s Artistry Design team excelled, giving Anna a breathtaking look with exquisite hair and makeup. For those inspired by Anna and Christopher’s wedding, visit Sounds Originals to see how they can enhance your celebration with their unique touch.

Sterling Event Venue Wedding Photos

Hotels near Sterling Event Venue

Looking for accommodations near the Sterling Event Venue? Discover the perfect stay at the nearby hotels. Whether you prefer luxurious amenities or cozy comforts, these options cater to every preference. Enjoy a seamless transition from celebration to relaxation with easy access to the venue. Explore the vibrant surroundings and unwind in style after the festivities. With top-notch hospitality and proximity to the event space, your wedding experience is bound to be unforgettable. Book your stay and make the most of your special occasion.

Sterling Event Venue Pricing

Transitioning smoothly from planning accommodations, let’s delve into the pricing options at the Sterling Event Venue. Explore flexible packages tailored to your needs. From intimate gatherings to lavish affairs, find a plan that fits your vision and budget. Benefit from transparent pricing and customizable options to create your dream wedding experience. With inclusive amenities and attentive service, Sterling Event Venue ensures a seamless and memorable celebration. Plan your special day with confidence, knowing you’ll receive exceptional value and support every step of the way. Unlock the possibilities and start envisioning your perfect wedding at Sterling Event Venue.

Sterling Event Venue Address

Seeking the Sterling Event Venue address? You can find us at 20524 County Rd 455, Minneola, FL 34715, United States. Situated in the heart of Minneola, Florida, this central location offers easy accessibility for you and your guests, ensuring a stress-free journey to your celebration. Nestled amidst picturesque surroundings, the venue provides a charming backdrop for your special day. Whether arriving from near or far, guests will appreciate the venue’s convenient location and welcoming ambiance. Plan your wedding at Sterling Event Venue and let its prime address add an extra touch of elegance to your unforgettable day.


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