Seattle Catholic Church Wedding // Kevin + Lizzie


We had the opportunity to photograph a beautiful Seattle Catholic Church wedding with Kevin and Lizzie. They had a very intimate wedding at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church with just a few family members present. The church is absolutely beautiful. As a result, their photos were stunning! We arrived at the church and captured the ceremony with a variety of photos. Afterwards, we took beautiful portraits of the couple. The beautiful details of this church complemented the couple.

The couple also wanted to take photos to celebrate their marriage in downtown Seattle’s Pioneer Square. We were able to create photographic memories that they will cherish forever. Pioneer Square was a perfect backdrop for their photos. Once we finished there, we jumped on their limousine bus to head to their reception at Embassy Suites in Lynwood for their reception! This was attended by all of their family and friends. They also did another ceremony there to celebrate. Sound Originals was able to capture all of their photos and video at all locations to create perfect memories of their wedding day!

Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church is conveniently located just 5 miles north of downtown Seattle. This Catholic church was founded in 1908. They perform many Catholic weddings at their church. As a result, they have created a FAQs about Marriage at Blessed Sacrament for couples. This informational page tells couple the steps needed to be married in the Catholic Church, They provide all of the fees necessary to get married at the church. Some of these fees include Marriage preparation which costs $300. They also have fee’s for the wedding ceremony for current parishioners and non-parishioners. These fees range from $1250 to $2150. The wedding fee includes a cantor, an accompanist, and a wedding liturgy assistant. You can learn more about this Catholic Church by visiting their website.

Seattle Catholic Church Wedding Photos

Archdiocese of Seattle Marriage Preparation

Many of our couple choose to have a traditional church wedding. The Archdiocese of Seattle has a website devoted to helping you prepare for your marriage. They give information on who needs to be present at your wedding to witness it. Also who can perform the ceremony. There are many resources available online to help couples prepare. By understanding what is needed, couples can be ready for their wedding. The Archdiocese of Seattle also has created a compilation of resources to help couples. Couples often ask what is involved with preparing. It involves a involves a process of discernment. The Catholic marriage process prepares couples to enter married life.

Seattle Catholic Church Mass Times

The city of Seattle has many Catholic Churches. You can attend many different masses. The Seattle Mass Times has created a list of all of the Catholic churches in Seattle. This includes their mass times. Almost all mass times occur on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Some churches have mass during the week as well. When you attend mass, you will hear rituals, songs and prayers. Most Catholics have these memorized. Anyone can attend mass. Mass is a holy event. Here are some helpful guidelines for attending mass.

Catholic Marriage Prep Retreat

Some couples who are getting married can do a weekend retreat. Catholic Engaged Encounters is an organization that helps engaged couples prepare for their marriage. They hold weekend retreats nationwide for engaged couples. Many couples have questions about these retreats. As a result, the organization as created a FAQ page to answer their questions. They welcome couples of different faiths.

Seattle Catholic Young Adults

There are many young Catholic Adults in Seattle. The Archdiocese of Seattle has created a page that lets young adults know about their events and programs. Many Catholic churches in the greater Seattle area offer programs for young adults. As a young adult, you have the opportunity to meet others who share the same faith and values. Young adults can even reach out to Young Catholic Professionals in Seattle. Young Catholic Professionals focuses on young adults in their 20’s and 30’s. With many opportunities in Seattle for Catholic young adults, there is a lot of support and friends.

Catholic Mass on TV Seattle

Sometimes people want to attend Catholic mass but physically cannot. Many of these people can watch Catholic Mass on tv. The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Seattle has an informational site that tells people when they can view their mass. Their mass is televised on Sundays. The Mass airs every Sunday at 10:30am. St. James Cathedral in Seattle is the Catholic Archdiocese of Seattle. They do a livestream every morning at 8am. They have a long history in Seattle. They are an inner-city parish.

Seattle Catholic Retreat

Many people who are Catholic like to attend retreats. The Archbishop Brunett Retreat Center in Seattle offers many retreats. It is also know as The Palisades. Their center is located in Federal Way just 20 minutes from Seatac International Airport. They have 56 rooms available with private bathrooms. Their rooms have views of the water or of the forest. They welcome groups from other denominations as well. The retreat has a long history. It was built in 1956. By 1976, nearly 35,000 visitors had enjoyed the Palisades. You can find more information about their retreats on their website.


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