Salty’s at Alki Wedding // Hannah + Isaac


At the picturesque Salty’s at Alki Wedding venue in Seattle, love painted the air as Hannah and Isaac exchanged vows. Located in the heart of the bustling city, Salty’s at Alki was a dream choice for the couple. With stunning views of Puget Sound and the Seattle skyline, the resort provided the perfect backdrop for their special day.

When Hannah and Isaac went on a trip together, Seattle Wedding Photographers captured every moment beautifully. Every emotion, from the delicate exchange of vows to the joyful celebration after, has been immortalized in exquisite detail.

In the middle of the bustling city, Hannah and Isaac found peace in each other’s arms. Their love spread as they danced under the twinkling lights surrounded by their beloved friends and family. Laughter echoed through the day as they raised their glasses to celebrate a love that knows no bounds.

Seattle Wedding Photographers have preserved memories that will last a lifetime by capturing the essence of their love story with every click of the camera. His talented lenses have immortalized not only moments, but also emotions, making every look, every touch precious forever.

Salty’s at Alki Wedding is a must-see for those seeking the perfect wedding venue or a engagement venue in Washington. And if you’re looking for a talented photographer to capture your love story, look no further than Sound Originals. Visit our website for more love stories and inspiration.

Salty’s at Alki Wedding Photos

Salty’s on Alki Beach Wedding

Nestled along the shores of Alki Beach, a Salty’s Alki Beach wedding seamlessly intertwines the allure of nature with the charm of the city. Discover the enchanting allure of Alki Beach’s three private dining rooms: The Alki Room, The Duwamish Room, and the intimate Admiral’s Stateroom. Each enclave boasts its own private patio or deck, offering panoramic vistas of the iconic Seattle skyline. And for grand celebrations, these spaces seamlessly merge to form The Grand Skyline Ballroom, where up to 300 guests can revel in reception-style festivities or 240 can dine in luxurious comfort.

Salty’s on Alki Beach Reviews

Salty’s on Alki Beach shines with pride as Seattle’s premier wedding venue with a 4.8 star rating on Wedding Wire and consecutive Bride’s Choice Awards. Glowing reviews constantly hail this place as an excellent place, praising the attentive guidance of the coordinator and the charming seaside setting. Guests praise the impeccable service, impeccable execution and delicious cuisine. Salty’s comprehensive offerings simplify planning, allowing couples to focus on personal touches. For unique wedding experiences, Salty’s Alki Beach stands as the best option, approved by countless satisfied couples. Couples should keep this option in mind.

Salty’s Locations

Salty’s on Alki Beach is located on Alki Beach, surrounded by stunning views of Seattle. This unique location is an excellent option for those who want to enjoy eating by the sea. In addition to a spacious and spacious interior, the restaurant also stands out with its outdoor terraces overlooking the sea. Visitors can enjoy fresh seafood here as well as watch Seattle’s unique sunset. The fact that it is right next to Alki Beach increases the easy accessibility and attractiveness of Salty’s. This location makes it an excellent option for romantic dinners, family gatherings or special events. Salty’s on Alki Beach makes an important contribution to Seattle’s gastronomic scene with its warm atmosphere and delicious food.

Salty Alki’s Hours

Salty’s on Alki Beach offers a variety of dining hours to suit different preferences. Lunch is served from Tuesday to Friday, starting at 11:30 am and ending at 3:00 pm. On weekends, lunch starts at 10:00 am and concludes at 3:00 pm. Crabby Hour at the Café Bar is available Tuesday to Friday from 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm. Dinner hours begin at 4:30 pm and end at 8:30 pm from Monday to Thursday, and extend until 9:00 pm on Fridays and weekends. On Easter Sunday, March 31st, Salty’s welcomes guests for a special dining experience. With its varied hours and offerings, Salty’s ensures a memorable dining experience against the backdrop of Alki Beach’s stunning views.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

Your wedding day is not just an event; it’s a culmination of love, commitment, and dreams coming true. As a Seattle-based company, we recognize the profound significance of this milestone and strive to exceed your expectations. At Sound Originals, we don’t just take photographs; we craft visual narratives that reflect the essence of your love story. Our team of experienced photographers is committed to capturing every heartfelt moment, from the nervous excitement of getting ready to the joyous celebration on the dance floor. With our exclusive rates and personalized service, let us be your trusted partner in preserving the magic of your wedding day for generations to come. Contact us today to secure your session and embark on this unforgettable journey with us!


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