Redmond Emerald Forest Wedding // Bea + Ryan


Bea and Ryan’s wedding was a captivating woodland fairytale held at the enchanting Emerald Forest, a unique wedding destination on the outskirts of Redmond, Washington. Unlike traditional ballrooms, this tranquil venue specializes in elopements. Couples have a magical setting where the mossy forest floor becomes their dance floor, and the banquet hall is a symphony of majestic trees and serene skies. Wooden bridges connecting trees and rustic treehouses create a whimsical landscape that perfectly complimented Bea and Ryan’s dreams.

Our talented Sound Originals photographers were on hand to capture every moment. Right from the bride and groom preparing in their suites to the stunning portraits that followed. This intimate gathering was filled with Bea and Ryan’s closest loved ones, creating a relaxed yet dedicated atmosphere focused on the couple’s special day.

The ceremony and reception took place in a lovely outdoor woodland setting illuminated by café lighting. This set the stage for a rustic and cozy ambiance. Laughter and celebration filled the air as everyone enjoyed this enchanting day.

As Bea and Ryan begin their journey together, we send them our warmest wishes for a beautiful future ahead. Scroll below to immerse yourself in the magic of this unforgettable wedding, where love blossomed amidst the beauty of nature.

Redmond Emerald Forest Wedding Photos

Redmond Emerald Forest Wedding Venues

In Redmond, the Emerald Forest offers a variety of enchanting settings for couples. You can choose to have the ceremony on a charming stage, a theatre platform, or any of the secluded spots in the forest. There are several to choose from. Don’t worry about rain; they have two 10′ by 10′ pop-up tents on standby, in case of bad weather.

To get ready for the big day, the bride has a roomy yurt, while the groom and his party enjoy a tipi retreat, adding a unique touch to your special day. Redmond’s Emerald Forest Wedding Venues combine nature’s beauty with creativity, making your wedding day unforgettable.

Redmond Emerald Forest Wedding Venue Cost

While 2024 rates are pending, referring to Emerald Forest’s 2023 pricing guide can serve as a helpful benchmark. Expect a $4,999 cost for a five-hour rental and $6,299 for an eight-hour one, with an additional 8.7% sales tax. A $750 refundable deposit secures your chosen date. Your rental comes with an on-site Emerald Forest attendant, zipline supplies for six bins, and a 2-hour movie projector usage. You also have access to on-site accessory inventory and comprehensive coverage from load-in to load-out. Explore their wedding guide for a more detailed understanding of your Emerald Forest wedding costs.

Emerald Forest Treehouse Cost

In the heart of the Emerald Forest, the luxury Treehouse offers an extraordinary getaway at the cost of around $200+ per night for two guests. Additional charges will apply for up to a maximum of four guests. This treehouse, a luxurious fusion of comfort and nature, is a creation by Pete Nelson’s team since 2017, renowned for their work on “Treehouse Masters.” Enjoy a complimentary continental breakfast each morning, but remember, extras like ziplines and forest theater use come at an additional cost. For those seeking an unparalleled treetop retreat, the Emerald Forest Treehouse is a 5-star experience worth booking.

Emerald Forest Treehouse Theater

The Emerald Forest Treehouse Theater specializes in family and adult-themed events, providing unforgettable moments amidst the wilderness. The theater accommodates up to 35 guests, with a ground-level stage measuring 16′ x 13′. It’s the perfect canvas for stories to unfold. Convenient restroom facilities are nearby. Guests can enhance their experience with a S’mores station, concessions stand, popcorn, and refreshing filtered ice water, all set against the breathtaking forest backdrop. The Emerald Forest Treehouse Theater combines entertainment with the serenity of nature, creating a unique and immersive experience for special occasions.

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