Private Home Lakewood Wedding // Kramer & Naomi


We are proud to share this amazing Private Home Lakewood Wedding! While many couples opt for a big celebration in luxury wedding venues, it isn’t everyone’s first choice. Some couples we meet say their dream celebration is a small and more intimate one – a personal affair in a private home.

Kramer & Naomi hosted a beautiful outdoor garden wedding to celebrate their union as husband & wife at a private home. Their Lakewood wedding provided a warm, intimate environment where all their near & dear ones relaxed and connected wonderfully. The property was massive, with lush green spaces and a serene lake in the background.

Kramer & Naomi’s day started beautifully with the morning preparations. Naomi looked breathtakingly radiant while we took her getting ready photos! Her loved ones surrounded her, savoring every second leading to the big moment.

Kramer waited patiently for his bride beneath an arch of beautiful, vibrant flowers and musicians playing in the background. He got emotional as Naomi arrived, looking gorgeous as ever! It was the moment he had been eagerly waiting for. Naomi picked a beautiful delicate gown with lace detailing and matched it well with her lovely bouquet. The couple exchanged vows with a lake in the backdrop under a beautifully structured ceremony arch made of purple and pink flowers. We enjoyed photographing the couple’s Lakewood wedding, watching as they exchanged their heartfelt vows, and celebrating them.

Private Home Lakewood Wedding Photos

Lakewood Gardens elopement

One of the most beautiful ways to celebrate your union is by opting for a private home owned by your family or relatives. However, if you are searching for outstanding options, you will discover that there are plenty of magical places in Lakewood, especially historical gardens like the Lakewold Gardens, filled with blooms that can complement your special day. It will set the perfect ambiance for your intimate session or for a dreamy elopement ceremony!

Kramer & Naomi’s wedding stood out in the decadence of florals, and rustic elements of wood and created a lavish union that captured our hearts. We loved how a whole lot of flowers and splashes of different colors came together to transform this space into a lovely venue. The purple, cream, green, and light pink floral decor looked stunning. Dripping in opulence, every corner of the private home allowed us to be more creative with our photography. Rustic elements surrounded the guest tablets, drenched in warmth, reminiscent of childhood memories.

The floral arrangements, nicely dressed tables, finely crafted menus, and signages decorated in fine prints; everything was phenomenal and conveyed their creative personalities.

Botanical Garden Elopement

There is nothing quite like being surrounded by the grandeur of nature and blooming flowers while you exchange your vows. Regardless of whether it is a botanical garden elopement or a wedding ceremony, the scenery will feel surreal. Plus, such settings provide for some magnificent intimate portraits!

After Kramer & Naomi’s ceremony, we moved to a nearby space where the couple enjoyed their time alone while we captured their portraits. The couple was so relaxed, which is indeed evident from their pictures. Their perspective of what mattered seemed to completely take the stress out of the day and help them savor their special moment together. Watching them enjoy being present with each other and their families were beautiful.

Rock Creek Gardens Wedding Cost

Couples who don’t have the opportunity to host their special day in a private home estate love choosing the Rock Creek Gardens as an alternative! The property is breathtaking, offering that garden ambiance seen in this gallery, while also adding a touch of elegance and timelessness. The costs start from $8,500 for 50 guests, which you can discover more about on their website.

In contrast to venues that offer many assets, organizing a Lakewood wedding at a private home can be quite an endeavor as you have to take care to provide everything, but it’s also a heartwarming affair. A great thing about Kramer & Naomi’s nuptial in a private home is that it was fully customizable. The couple chose everything from the decor to the food and had great fun setting it up for the guests to enjoy. They got to pick almost every last detail down to the silverware, allowing creative freedom. After the private home wedding ceremony, Naomi and her father took a super sweet father-daughter dance. It was followed by special dances and the cake cutting, which kicked off a vibrant evening. Their DJ provided a perfect atmosphere for the day, and the guests were so excited to let loose and celebrate the couple’s new beginnings. 

Kramer and Naomi, all of their vendors, and everyone else involved made sure their Lakewood wedding ran smoothly while looking absolutely stunning. The couple proved that you can have an ideal nuptial without going for a lavish venue. No details were omitted, and every minute of the day was running as seamlessly as planned.

Free wedding venues Tacoma

When choosing a venue that you wish to be free, then it is best to opt for a private home of someone in your family. However, the estate has to be beautiful and spacious to host your celebration. Luckily there are many breathtaking private homes in Tacoma that can also be rented if there isn’t a free possibility. You can choose a park or a chapel for an intimate ceremony if you want affordable outdoor settings. Otherwise, all venues have a fee. You have to evaluate your options, but in the end, private homes are always the best choice!

With that being said, hosting a Lakewood wedding at a private home provides your guests with an unforgettable experience. There are several Lakewood wedding venues to choose from, but we would advise you to opt for the one that fits your style. If an inspiring “wow factor” at your event is essential to you, this is undoubtedly something you can consider. The evening was truly incredible and concluded with a grand exit. We are excited to give you a little peek into what the couple’s celebration looked like. Be sure to keep scrolling all the way until the end to see Kramer & Naomi’s memorable day!

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