Oakwood Municipal Court Wedding // Eunice + John Kester


The special day at Oakwood Municipal Court Wedding marked an unforgettable beginning for the couple, Eunice and John Kester. Oakwood Municipal Court, located in the heart of downtown Oakwood, provided a perfect setting for this meaningful occasion. In her white gown, Eunice captivated everyone in the room with her radiant smile. Meanwhile, John adjusted his tie, casting a sincere smile towards Eunice. As they signed the official document on the table, they experienced the excitement and happiness of formalizing their years-long companionship.

An intimate atmosphere filled the courtroom. Family members and close friends of Eunice and John were present to witness their joyous occasion. The municipal official officiating the ceremony smiled as they looked into the couple’s eyes. As they recited their vows, Eunice and John’s faces lit up with even more happiness. Both felt the excitement of planning their future together and embarking on the journey of shared life.

Following the ceremony, the couple’s loved ones applauded them with congratulations. Stepping outside, they enjoyed the sunshine and gentle breeze of the day. As Eunice and John celebrated the depth of their love and commitment to each other, they exchanged glances, cherishing the moment. In the years to come, they knew they would always look back on this special day with a smile. The wedding at Oakwood Municipal Court marked the beginning of everlasting happiness for Eunice and John. Meanwhile, our fantastic team captured every moment perfectly in photographs.

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Oakwood Municipal Court Wedding Photos

Oakwood Municipal Court Wedding Cost

For couples looking for a simple yet meaningful ceremony, Oakwood Municipal Court, located in the heart of Oakwood, offers a unique and intimate venue option. Many inquire about the cost associated with hosting their special day at this courthouse setting.

The cost of at Oakwood Municipal Court can be relatively affordable compared to traditional venues.
As a municipal courthouse, the fees mainly cover administrative costs, venue rental, and possibly officiant services. Couples usually spend $100 to $500 for a ceremony here, depending on factors like the time and day, plus any extra services they want.

Despite its modest cost, Oakwood Municipal Court offers couples the opportunity to exchange vows in a historic and dignified setting, surrounded by the simple elegance of a courthouse interior. For couples seeking a budget-friendly yet meaningful wedding experience, Oakwood Municipal Court provides an excellent option to start their journey together.


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