McMenamins Cornelius Pass Roadhouse Wedding // Leo + Andrea


Leo and Andrea chose a venue in Portland, Oregon, that offers a unique rustic charm. They wanted a place that felt both intimate and grand, and this venue was perfect. The McMenamins Cornelius Pass Roadhouse Wedding venue’s wooden architecture and natural details create a nostalgic and inviting atmosphere. It feels like stepping back in time while enjoying modern comforts. The lush greenery surrounding the area adds to its enchanting appeal. Both indoor and outdoor settings make it ideal for any wedding style, offering flexibility and beauty in every season. Leo and Andrea fell in love with its historic charm and scenic beauty, knowing it would provide a magical backdrop for their special day.

First of all, Leo and Andrea’s preparations were full of excitement. They took stunning photos with a team of Portland Wedding Photographers. Andrea looked radiant in her pink dress, while Leo was dapper in his suit. Their ceremony was emotional as they took the vows from the bottom of their hearts. Afterwards, they enjoyed a pleasant meal with their loved ones at the McMenamins Cornelius Pass Roadhouse wedding venue. Laughter and tears filled the air.

Then, the couple’s first dance captured everyone’s hearts. They cut the cake, sharing sweet smiles and joy. Leo and Andrea danced the night away with friends and family. The Portland Wedding Photographers team documented each joyous moment. Sound Originals felt privileged to be part of this wonderful celebration. For more beautiful love stories, please visit our website. If you are looking for the best photo spots for weddings and engagements in Oregon, you are in the right place.

McMenamins Cornelius Pass Roadhouse Wedding Photos

Cornelius Pass Roadhouse Menu

The Cornelius Pass Roadhouse menu offers a delightful array of dishes that cater to diverse tastes. Nestled in a historic setting, the menu features classic American comfort foods with a unique twist. Starters include crispy calamari and artisan cheese platters, perfect for sharing. Main courses range from hearty burgers and wood-fired pizzas to sophisticated options like cedar-planked salmon and grilled ribeye steak. Vegetarian and vegan choices are also available, ensuring everyone finds something to enjoy. Desserts like warm apple cobbler or chocolate lava cake provide a sweet finish. The beverage selection includes local craft beers, wines, and signature cocktails, complementing the meal perfectly.

McMenamins Wedding Cost

Hosting a wedding at McMenamins offers a unique blend of charm and history, with costs varying depending on the venue, date, and guest count. McMenamins properties, often historical landmarks, provide a picturesque backdrop for nuptials. The basic package typically includes venue rental, catering, and bar services. Prices can range from $3,000 for smaller, more intimate gatherings to over $10,000 for larger events with extensive guest lists. Customizations like special menu items, additional decorations, and extended hours can increase the cost. McMenamins also offers overnight accommodations and special activities, adding to the overall experience but also the budget.

Cornelius Pass Roadhouse Brewfest

The Cornelius Pass Roadhouse Brewfest is an annual celebration that brings together beer enthusiasts from all over. Held at the historic Cornelius Pass Roadhouse, the festival showcases a wide range of craft beers from McMenamins’ breweries as well as guest taps from other local breweries. Attendees can enjoy a variety of styles, from crisp lagers to robust stouts, alongside live music and a festive atmosphere. The event also features brewery tours, beer-related workshops, and food stalls offering pub favorites to pair with the brews. Tickets typically include a tasting glass and several tasting tokens, with additional tokens available for purchase.

Portland Wedding Photographers

Portland wedding photographers are renowned for their ability to capture the unique essence of each ceremony and reception against the city’s diverse backdrops. From lush green forests and urban landscapes to quaint bridges and historic buildings, Portland offers a variety of scenic settings. These photographers specialize in different styles, including classic, documentary, and fine art photography, ensuring that every couple can find a match for their taste. Many Portland photographers are also known for their use of natural light and attention to detail, creating stunning visual narratives of the day. Packages vary, with options for engagement shoots, full-day coverage, and customized albums to cherish those memories forever.


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