McMenamins Anderson School Wedding // Ava + Steven


Ava and Steven’s McMenamins Anderson School wedding was beautiful and knew they were in for something magical. This unique location, known for its quirky charm and comprehensive service, made every moment unforgettable. In-house catering by McMenamins Anderson School Wedding ensured that the food and drink upheld the venue’s reputation for quality and uniqueness. This provided guests with a delightful culinary experience.

Ava and Steven’s personal touches further enhanced the ambiance of the Anderson School. Steven himself crafted the wedding invitations, a testament to the couple’s creativity and personal investment in their big day. Guests couldn’t help but admire the couple’s dedication to making every detail of their wedding unique.

Completing the atmosphere was music from DJ Complete Weddings + Events. The DJ impeccably tailored the music to the couple’s taste, ensuring the dance floor was never empty. Amidst the tunes and laughter, the sweetness of Hillcrest Bakery’s desserts added an extra layer of joy. The cake was not only spectacular to look at but also a hit with everyone’s taste buds.

Ava looked stunning in her I Do Bridal gown, captivating everyone as she gracefully moved through the venue. The absence of a formal florist did nothing to diminish the venue’s natural allure, which provided a lush, vibrant backdrop to the festivities. 

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McMenamins Anderson School Wedding Photos

The Anderson School

The Anderson School, located in Bothell, Washington, stands as a unique and picturesque wedding venue. Boasting a rich history and charming architecture, The Anderson School offers couples a memorable setting for their special day. With a variety of indoor and outdoor event spaces, including elegant ballrooms and lush gardens, couples can tailor their wedding to suit their preferences and guest count. While specific costs vary based on factors like package selection and guest count, The Anderson School typically offers comprehensive wedding packages that include venue rental, catering, and bar services. With its timeless charm and attentive staff, The Anderson School ensures a magical wedding experience for couples and their loved ones.

McMenamins Hillsboro Wedding

McMenamins Hillsboro, nestled in Oregon’s lush landscape, offers an idyllic setting for couples seeking a charming wedding venue. With its historic charm and versatile event spaces, McMenamins Hillsboro caters to weddings of various sizes and styles. Couples can choose from indoor ballrooms adorned with vintage décor or outdoor gardens surrounded by scenic beauty. While specific costs vary depending on factors like guest count, date, and package selection, McMenamins Hillsboro provides comprehensive wedding packages that typically include venue rental, catering, and bar services. With its picturesque surroundings and attentive staff, McMenamins Hillsboro ensures a memorable and enchanting wedding experience for couples and their guests.

McMenamins Edgefield Wedding Cost

McMenamins Edgefield offers a variety of wedding packages tailored to fit different budgets and preferences. While specific costs can vary based on factors like guest count, date, and package selection, couples can expect comprehensive packages that include venue rental, catering, bar services, and more. Additionally, McMenamins Edgefield may offer add-on options such as floral arrangements, photography services, and entertainment to enhance the overall experience. Couples interested in hosting their wedding at this picturesque venue are encouraged to reach out to the events team for detailed pricing information and to discuss customizable options that align with their budgetary needs.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

Seattle is a picturesque backdrop for weddings, and the city’s wedding photographers are adept at capturing these magical moments. These professionals combine technical skills with creativity, ensuring each wedding album is unique. From the lush Olympic Sculpture Park to the elegant Arctic Club, they capture breathtaking photos. Many specialize in different styles, from classic portraiture to candid, documentary shots, adapting to the couple’s preferences. Their expertise with Seattle’s weather ensures they excel in any conditions, from rain to sunshine. Choose the right one to immortalize your special day.


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