Marymere Falls Wedding // Shelby + Will


We are excited to share Shelby and Will’s adventurous Marymere Falls Wedding!  Marymere Falls is a 1.7 mile out-and-back hike that starts near Lake Crescent. The lush greenery and beautiful waterways are the perfect backdrops for your pictures while traveling to the stunning waterfall. Once you are there, have your first kiss as husband and wife with the beautiful sound and spectacular sight of the waterfall in the background. 

Our Sound Originals photographers started the day with Shelby and Will like any other wedding day. We captured their beautiful rings, floral arrangements, and precious jewelry before the ceremony. After that, our day was anything but ordinary. We all hiked up to the falls, where Shelby got dressed in a pop-up tent. Her bridal party gleefully worked together to ensure her dress was picture-perfect, and Will didn’t get a peek. Next, their first look went off without a hitch. Will was stunned when he saw Shelby for the first time in her beautiful gown. With so many gorgeous locations throughout the trail to take pictures, our photographers captured countless portraits. Then, it was time for the ceremony. Shelby and Will exchanged rings with Marymere Falls cascading in the background. 

We had so much fun with Shelby, Will, and their closest friends and family! We are thrilled to share their scenic wedding photos! 

Marymere Falls Wedding Photos

Olympic National Park Elopement Photographer

Sound Originals is your perfect Olympic National Park Elopement Photographer. With many beautiful forests, majestic beaches, and stunning waterfalls, we love to help couples pick the best spot for their unique wedding. We have written a guide on it to take some of the guesswork out of your planning. Let us help you choose from the sun-drenched mountains at Hurricane Ridge, the striking sea stacks at Ruby Beach, the stunning waterfall at Madison Falls, or many other awe-inspiring locations Olympic National Park offers. 

Hurricane Ridge Wedding

Hurricane Ridge is an easily accessed area within the mountains of Olympic National Park. Because it is accessible to most, it is the go-to location for many Olympic National Park weddings. Roads to see these beautiful mountains, valleys, and rivers are open all summer and on weekends during the winter, weather permitting.  Hurricane Ridge is magical at sunset. Coordinate timing with your wedding photographer to get the best photo opportunities possible. 

Waterfall Wedding Venues

Washington has many scenic waterfall wedding venues. Nothing is more tranquil than getting married with the beautiful hum and gorgeous cascade of a waterfall as your backdrop. If you are adventurous and looking for something unique, hike up to Marymere Falls or Madison Falls in Olympic National Park. Both trails are relatively easy with stunning views. If you are looking for a more traditional option, Salish Lodge and Spa is your perfect venue. Situated at the top of Snoqualmie Falls, Salish Lodge and Spa offers the ideal mix of luxury and nature. 


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