Lynnwood Municipal Court Wedding // Bekka + Sean


Congratulations to Bekka and Sean, and thank you for letting us be a part of your intimate Lynwood Municipal Court wedding!

In a celebration that showcased simplicity and the power of love, Bekka and Sean embarked on a heartfelt journey of marriage. Their Lynwood courthouse wedding, adorned with moments of joy and cherished memories, was a testament to the magic that can be found in the most unassuming settings.

Before the ceremony, anticipation filled the air as Bekka and Sean got ready for their special day. Sound Originals photographers expertly captured their essence, taking individual portrait shots that reflected their personalities and inner radiance.

As the couple stood side by side, their love illuminated every frame during the couple’s pre-ceremony shoot. With family gathered around, the warmth and love that filled the room were captured in the family photos.

The moment arrived as the couple proceeded to the courtroom, where an officiator awaited them. Surrounded by their loved ones, they sealed their union by exchanging vows and promises. They proceeded to sign their marriage certificate, symbolizing the legal recognition of their lifelong partnership.

Bekka and Sean’s courthouse wedding reminds us that the most intimate moments can hold immeasurable beauty. We congratulate the lovely couple as they begin their journey together!

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Lynnwood Municipal Court Wedding Photos

Lynnwood Municipal Court Date

According to the rules set by the City of Lynwood, WA in order to be legally married in Washington state, you must obtain a marriage license from Snohomish County Recording at least three days prior to your planned ceremony. It is necessary to submit an application and receive the license within this timeframe.

It’s important to note that there is a mandatory three-day waiting period as per Washington state law. This waiting period cannot be waived under any circumstances, including court orders. 

Please note that the above is only for a general understanding of how to set your wedding date at the Lynwood Municipal Court. For the most up-to-date information, we highly suggest getting in touch directly with Lynwood Municipal Court.

What Happens At A Court Wedding

A courthouse wedding is a simple and efficient way to legalize a marriage. The ceremony is typically concise and straightforward, with variations allowed based on the couple’s preferences and State regulations. Here’s a generic overview:

  1. Appointment and Arrival: The couple schedules a courthouse appointment and arrives on time.
  2. Witnesses: Some jurisdictions require witnesses, which can be arranged by the couple or provided by the courthouse.
  3. Officiant: A government official, such as a judge or magistrate, officiates the ceremony and ensures legal compliance.
  4. Vows and Rings: The couple stands before the officiant, exchanging vows and optionally exchanging rings.
  5. Legal Declarations: The officiant confirms the couple’s intent to marry and ensures no legal impediments exist.
  6. Pronouncement: The officiant declares the couple legally married, pronouncing them as spouses.
  7. Document Signing: The couple, officiant, and witnesses (if necessary) sign the marriage license and related documents.
  8. Marriage Certificate: The couple receives a marriage certificate or a certified copy of the license as proof of their union.

Please note that the information provided above serves as general guidance, and it is advisable to contact your local courthouse for precise details regarding courthouse weddings in your area.

To find out more about civil weddings, The Knot has some great tips for what to expect and how you can plan your big day.

County Marriage Officiant

Once you have acquired a marriage license from the Auditor’s Office, you can request anyone below to perform your ceremony:

  • Licensed or ordained ministers or priests of any church or denomination
  • Supreme Court Justices and Commissioners
  • Court of Appeals Judges and Commissioners
  • Superior Court Judges and Commissioners
  • Judges and Commissioners of courts of limited jurisdiction
  • Judges of tribal courts from a federally recognized tribe

Click here to find an officiant in Lynwood, Snohomish County, WA to perform civil marriage ceremonies.

Lynwood Municipal Court Live Stream

In this digital age, the concept of live-streaming has revolutionized the way we share special moments with loved ones. While live-streaming a wedding ceremony in a court setting may not be widely allowed, it’s worth reaching out to your local courthouse in Lynwood directly to inquire about their specific policies and guidelines regarding live-streaming a municipal court wedding. Respectfully request the possibility of live-streaming your wedding ceremony, and they can provide you with the most accurate information and advice.

And if a live stream is not permissible, there’s still no need for your loved ones to miss out! Get in touch with us and our professional Seattle-based videographers can create a beautiful customized wedding film for you to share some of the special moments. We’d love to get to know you and hear more about your vision for your wedding.

You can see more of our videography work here.

Washington Wedding Photographers

Hiring a photographer from Washington can provide you with several benefits. 

When planning your courthouse wedding in Washington, hiring a professional wedding photographer is essential. Despite the simplicity of the venue, capturing the precious moments of your special day is invaluable. A skilled photographer will expertly navigate the courthouse setting, ensuring that even the smallest details and intimate emotions are beautifully preserved. 

These cherished photos will become lifelong mementos, allowing you to relive the joy and love you experienced on your courthouse wedding day. With a local professional photographer from Sound Originals by your side, you can trust that your memories will be artfully documented, providing you with a treasured keepsake.


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