Lairmont Manor Wedding // Angela + Garrett


Angela and Garrett’s celebration of love at their enchanting Lairmont Manor wedding in Bellingham, WA was stunning. This historic venue, with its Italian Renaissance architecture and lush gardens, offered a romantic and timeless backdrop. The grand halls and charming courtyards perfectly complemented their sophisticated wedding theme, creating an unforgettable experience.

Planner Erica Bevens flawlessly coordinated the day, ensuring every detail was meticulously arranged. Guests enjoyed delicious catering from Fat Zach’s Pizza, adding a fun twist to the elegant affair. Additionally, Slice of Heaven Bakery, led by Marci Abshire, crafted a stunning and delectable cake. Vibrant floral arrangements by Amanda Lee from Poppy Flowers further enhanced the ambiance.
Angela looked radiant in her gown from David’s Bridal. Her hair and makeup, done by Elizabeth White Artistry, were exquisite. Garrett, by her side, complemented her perfectly. Their modern yet personal invitations, sent via Evite, set the tone for their intimate celebration.

The reception was lively, with music provided by Frank Salerno from Sounds Unlimited. The beats kept everyone dancing and celebrating. Talented photographers from Sound Originals captured every precious moment, ensuring Angela and Garrett’s memories will be cherished for years. Lairmont Manor was the ideal venue for Angela and Garrett’s wedding. The blend of historical charm and natural beauty made their day truly special. Surrounded by friends and family, their love story unfolded in an unforgettable celebration, marking the beginning of their lifelong journey together.

Lairmont Manor Wedding Photos

Lairmont Manor Wedding Cost Reddit

Following the beautiful celebration of Angela and Garrett, many have asked about the cost of a Lairmont Manor wedding. According to Reddit, prices can vary. The venue rental fee ranges from $4,000 to $8,000, depending on the season and day of the week. Catering costs, like those from Fat Zach’s Pizza, start at $30 per person. Additional expenses include photography, flowers, and entertainment. Overall, the total cost can range from $20,000 to $40,000. Planning a wedding at Lairmont Manor requires careful budgeting, but the stunning venue is worth it for a truly memorable event.

Lairmont Manor History

Understanding the cost is essential, but the history of Lairmont Manor adds to its charm. Built in 1914 by Charles X. Larrabee, this Italian Renaissance-style mansion has a rich past. The manor originally served as a private residence. Over the years, it hosted many social events and gatherings. Its elegant architecture and lush gardens have made it a landmark. Today, Lairmont Manor is a premier wedding venue, blending historical beauty with modern amenities. The manor’s storied past adds a unique and romantic touch to every celebration held within its walls.

Lairmont Manor Haunted

There is a fascinating history behind Lairmont Manor, and some even believe it is haunted. Visitors have experienced strange occurrences, such as eerie noises and ghostly apparitions. These interesting stories add to the manor’s charm. Rumor has it that Charles X. Larrabee, the original owner, is still haunting the hallways. A few people have mentioned feeling sudden cold spots and flickering lights. Even while these ghost stories can be disturbing, they contribute to the location’s appeal. For those who enjoy a little intrigue, Lairmont Manor provides not only beauty but also an intriguing and unsettling past.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

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