Kiana Lodge Wedding // Mary Jane + Ken


We are so excited to share the charming and unforgettable Kiana Lodge Wedding for Mary Jane and Ken! We shot their wedding photos at this great venue where you feel nature and love all around you.

Kiana Lodge is one of our favorite venues. Couples love the delightful mix of rustic elegance and charm. Kiana Lodge is just a short ferry ride away from Seattle, tucked in Poulsbo, Washington. This is the perfect place to hold meaningful events and create memories. Couples love the charming indoor and outdoor setting of weddings at Kiana Lodge. The forest vibes, beach access, fragrant cedars, beautiful indoor space, and gorgeous outdoor space made for a fairytale wedding.

Mary Jane and Ken celebrated joyfully at Kiana Lodge, capturing every moment from preparation to the reception. With a fun-loving energy, surrounded by friends and family, Jane couldn’t stop chuckling during the photos. She looked elegant in her dress, adding to the beauty of the occasion. The venue provided ample space for the bride and groom, making it a truly special day.

The weather was perfect at Kiana Lodge, creating a cinematic setting for the flawless ceremony. The peaceful surroundings, inside and outside, with lush decorations, made it an unforgettable venue.

Getting amazing photos on this special day was our biggest priority, and our photographers did the job flawlessly to get dreamy shots of the couple. From the candids to the portraits, they are all so stunning! Let’s look at these incredible photos from Kiana Lodge‘s Wedding. We hope you’ll love them.

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Kiana Lodge Wedding Photos

Kiana Lodge Garden Atrium

The Kiana Lodge Garden Atrium is a jaw-dropping beautiful indoor event space made of a rusty wood frame. When we got there to do the wedding photoshoot, we were wowed at how insanely beautiful the Garden Atrium was. It has a naturally beautiful setting that barely needs any decor. This absolutely tranquil location for a wedding celebration has wall-to-wall windows and endless ceiling windows, allowing natural sun and moonlight to flood into the area.

 Jane & Ken’s wedding party in Kiana Lodge Garden Atrium gives a classic yet modern feel. You have seen their wedding photos, and now you probably are a fan of this elegant & picturesque place like us. Its wood floors, exposed beams, twinkling lights, and endless greenery make it a rustic venue with a romantic flare. The organic shade of wood, colorful flowers, and candles give perfect boho vibes with modern touches. Honestly, this Garden Atrium is mesmerizingly beautiful all on its own, and you must have got an idea by seeing the above photos.

Kiana Lodge Beach House

Located on the west of Seattle, Kiana Lodge offers a gorgeous waterfront. Kiana Lodge Beach House is a lovely place for the outdoor ceremony and reception. The surroundings here, including crystal blue water, greenery of lawn, flowers, and trees, make this spot perfect for your wedding day. 

Many couples opt for this breathtaking place to celebrate their big day. The greenery against the blue of the water makes it the dreamiest wonderland. The vibe in this place is truly relaxed and warm, perfect for every season. It also gives the opportunity to enjoy an evening bonfire. Kiana Lodge Beach House is the perfect spot for couples who want their wedding venue on the waterfront with touches of the Pacific Northwest and bring the shades of water and sun in their photos.

Kiana Lodge Wedding Cost

You might be wondering about the Kiana Lodge Wedding Cost. Let us tell you the details about the wedding cost at Kiana Lodge. According to information on Wedding Spot, the wedding costs range from $2,000 to $8,000.

However, the rates vary from month to month and day to day. The rates are half on business days than weekends. If you get married in November from Monday to Thursday, your wedding cost will be twice or thrice less than a wedding in Summer on weekends. The venue has a maximum of 350 indoor and outdoor guest capacity. Check out the detailed information related to their rates and policies here.

The Kiana Lodge Wedding is one of our favorites! We’re thankful to Jane and Ken for trusting us to capture their precious moments! We adore this lovely couple and this beautiful venue too! Want to know more gorgeous wedding venues?Or curious to see our more stunning photoshoots? Check out our website

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