Kelley Farm Wedding // Jason + Treva


Located in the heart of Washington, the Kelley Farm Wedding venue provides a quiet backdrop conveniently located to Seattle. Surrounded by lush forests and with stunning views of Cascade Mountain, this beautiful wedding venue is an ideal resting place for couples looking for peace of mind.

Jason and Treva chose Kelley Farm Wedding for its tranquil ambiance and picturesque setting. They knew it would provide the perfect backdrop for their love-filled celebration. Danielle Percival, the mastermind behind the planning, ensured every detail reflected the couple’s unique love story. Every detail, from decor to floral arrangements, was meticulously curated for a day they’d cherish forever.

As the sun set, Jason and Treva exchanged heartfelt vows at Kelley Farm, surrounded by loved ones. With tears of joy and laughter, they sealed their commitment, starting their journey as husband and wife. Treva was beaming in her wedding dress. Laughter and love filled the air as friends and family raised their glasses to toast the newlyweds. Under twinkling lights, Jason and Treva shared their first dance, music echoing their love. With each step, they embraced the magic of the moment, lost in each other’s arms.

The evening ended with cake cutting, symbolizing their union, followed by dancing and celebration. Surrounded by loved ones, Jason and Treva cherished every moment at Kelley Farm, their perfect setting.

As you embark on your journey of love, explore Kelley Farm’s enchanting beauty and imagine the magic awaiting you. With its serene charm and romantic ambiance, it’s the perfect setting for your happily ever after. For more love stories and inspiration, visit our website and start planning your dream wedding today!

Kelley Farm Wedding Photos

Kelley Farm Wedding Cost

Located in Washington, Kelley Farm is a popular wedding venue for its stunning views and rustic charm. Wedding costs vary depending on the selected package, the date in October, and additional services.

The venue rental fee is between 5.000-10.000 USD.Dec. The average amount of food and drink per person is 150-300 USD. Oct Deco services such as decoration, photography, and music range from 1,000-5,000 USD.

Weekday or off-season weddings, smaller invitees, and less expensive choices can help keep costs down. The average Kelley Farm wedding costs between Dec.20,000-40,000 USD. Consulting with the wedding planner is recommended to plan your budget and optimize costs.

Kelley Farm Bonney Lake History

Kelley Farm is a historic farm located in the city of Bonney Lake in the state of Washington. William B. in 1864. Kelley founded it. Over the years, the farm has served as a dairy farm, orchard, and nut orchard. Kelley Farm is one of the oldest and most important historical landmarks of Bonney Lake. The farm has made significant contributions to the foundation and development of the city. Kelley Farm is a great place to learn about Bonney Lake’s agricultural history and cultural heritage. Today, the farm privately owns and rents out for weddings and other special events. Kelley Farm is the perfect venue for an unforgettable event with its historical atmosphere and beautiful views.

Kelley Farm Soccer Fields

This farm is built on a plot of about 19.2 hectares of land and is especially famous for its football fields. The football fields at Kelley Farm are the perfect place for amateur and professional football players, as well as families and groups of friends to have a pleasant time. The fields are equipped with modern amenities and are well-maintained. In addition, there are different sizes of pitches suitable for various age groups and ability levels. Oct. Thanks to this, it is possible to play or watch football for everyone from teenagers to adults. Kelley Farm is known as a dynamic center for football fans who support social interaction and a healthy lifestyle.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

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