Inglewood Golf Club Wedding // Melanie + Daniel


We’re very excited to share Melanie and Daniel’s outdoor Inglewood Golf Club Wedding!

First off, the Inglewood Golf Club is located in Kenmore, WA. Additionally, Kenmore, WA is thirty minutes northeast of Seattle, WA. Specifically, Melanie and Daniel chose the Inglewood Golf Club for their outdoor ceremony. With an outdoor ceremony, their wedding guests got to see a lot of beautiful nature. For example, there was a pond nearby with a fountain. Also, there were multiple flower baskets in full bloom hanging from the pergola. 

Next up, as Melanie got ready she put on her spaghetti strap wedding gown. As you can see, her engagement ring was a sparkling sapphire. Additionally, the sapphire was laid between two diamonds. Interestingly, the couple had some 35mm film cameras to capture their wedding day moments, like getting ready. Another special item from their big day appeared on Melanie’s bouquet. Together with her bridal bouquet was a shamrock brooch for good luck. Correspondingly, Daniel wore a seafoam green tie and pocket square.

Before their ceremony, the two shared a first look outside of the golf club. Of course, Melanie had a crown of pearls in her hair. Emphatically, Melanie and Daniel embraced. When it was time for their ceremony, Daniel made his way to stand beneath the archway of white roses and greenery. Then Melanie walked down the aisle to meet Daniel, joining him hand-in-hand in front of their wedding guests. Next, the couple shared their vows, exchanged rings, and shared an official first kiss. 

Lateron, the couple moved indoors to make a grand entrance at their reception. Furthermore, they came in dancing and with their arms raised. The celebratory mood was set! Throughout the evening there were plates of delicious food and beautiful toasts made by their close friends and family members. Finally, it was time for the newlyweds to share their first dance. 

At last, they were joined by others on the dance floor, carrying the party into the night. All around there were smiles and laughter and multi-color party lights. In the end the cake was cut and guests enjoyed dessert together. Since this was a golf club wedding, Melanie and Daniel had a golf cart for their exit. Specifically, the golf cart was decorated with streamers, balloons, cups, and a “Just Married” sign

Our team at Sound Originals loved being there to capture Melanie & Daniel’s wedding day. Please enjoy their photos!

Inglewood Golf Club Wedding Photos

Inglewood Golf Club Membership Cost

First off, the Inglewood Golf Club has an annual membership fee because it is a member-owned private golf club. Also, Inglewood Golf Club also offers full equity golf memberships, social memberships, and junior exec. memberships for ages 21-40. To start the conversation of joining as a member, you must fill out their online contact form. As stated on their website, membership is by invitation only. In order to join, an applicant must have the sponsorship of two existing golf club members. Additionally, all applications are reviewed by the membership committee and the board of trustees.  

Secondly, Wojdylo Golf, has a breakdown of the Inglewood Golf Club membership fees. To start, the initiation fee is $20,000. As well as monthly dues of $597.50-$730.50. Specifically, the monthly dues depend on the type of membership. Later on in 2021, The Seattle Times reported that the initiation fee is $39,500. However, if you want to have your wedding at the Inglewood Golf Club, there is a room rental fee of $4,000 for five hours of reception time. Moreover, additional time can be purchased at a rate of $300 per hour. Of note, are the food and beverage prices that are in addition to the venue fee. 

Mill Creek Country Club

Secondly, the Mill Creek Country club is located in Mill Creek, WA. Further, Mill Creek is over thirty minutes northeast of Seattle. For the most part, if you want to be a member at the Mill Creek Country Club, you should complete the contact form. As part of their special events page, the country club lists weddings as an option. Again, if you want to have a wedding here, you must contact them directly. 

As noted on WeddingWire, the fees for a wedding at the Mill Creek Country club range between $1,200-$1,800. To illustrate the experience, three couples have left reviews on the WeddingWire site. In total, the Mill Creek Country Club received three stars out of five stars. Similarly, the Mill Creek Country Club is listed on The Knot. Correspondingly, the two reviewers on The Knot gave the Mill Creek Country Club three and a half out of five stars. Altogether, you can find out more about what activities are offered at the Mill Creek Country Club through their Facebook page.  

Golf Memberships Near Seattle

By all means, a great way to determine what golf memberships exist near Seattle is the WAGolf website. Not only does this site have a map, but it lists the golf clubs in alphabetical order too. Also, the list shows how much it costs to play at the listed golf clubs. Lastly, the list also features quick links to the facility details. For example, the Seattle Golf Club is located near Shoreline, WA. Within Seattle there are many golf clubs to choose from. The Interbay Golf Center is located near the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle. Further south, is the West Seattle Golf Course, which is located within the West Seattle neighborhood. 

In detail, the Washington Golf website lists golf club memberships in the Seattle area. Previously, our team at Sound Originals has covered golf club weddings, like this Newcastle Golf Club Wedding.  


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