GALA Events at Sky Valley Gardens Wedding // Lisamarie + Cory


Lisamarie and Cory’s wedding at GALA Events and Venue at Sky Valley Gardens was nothing short of magical. As they exchanged vows at the enchanting venue surrounded by the natural beauty of the outdoor garden space, it was clear that their love was as timeless as the lush greenery that enveloped them.

The transition to the reception in the elegant greenhouse added charm. The venue‘s transformation from a retail gift shop is remarkable. It now stands as a picturesque garden wedding venue, showcasing its versatility and charm.

As guests gathered to celebrate the newlyweds, the atmosphere was filled with joy and excitement. Heartfelt toasts and delicious dinner offerings ensured a memorable experience for all. The greenhouse, with its twinkling lights and verdant surroundings, provided a romantic backdrop for the festivities.

Seattle Wedding Photographers captured the essence of Lisamarie and Cory’s love story. They captured tender moments during the ceremony and lively celebrations afterward. Each image serves as a timeless reminder of the love and happiness that filled the air on their wedding day.

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