Emerald Forest Theater Wedding // Michelle + Sal


Tucked away in the heart of the Emerald Forest Theater near Redmond, WA, Michelle, and Sal’s wedding unfolded amidst the breathtaking beauty of nature. The awe-inspiring but cozy and intimate Emerald Forest within 30 acres of lush evergreens set the stage for their intimate and cozy wedding. 

As the couple exchanged vows, their guests watched from above in the Emerald Forest Theatre. Perched high in the trees, they enjoyed the open-air pods, loungers, and hammock-like nets suspended above the ground.

Michelle and Sal stole the spotlight with their undeniable chemistry, radiating in love and joy. Surrounded by the serenity of the forest, their love shone brightly, creating an atmosphere of pure magic.

Behind the scenes, a team of talented wedding vendors worked tirelessly to bring Michelle’s vision to life. Jenni DeMare, the planner and property manager, flawlessly orchestrated every detail, while Mariah Lind, the skilled florist, adorned the venue with breathtaking floral arrangements and the delectable cuisine was catered by Timia Goodman. Capturing every precious moment were our talented photographers, Sound Originals, ensuring that Michelle and Sal’s memories would be preserved for a lifetime.

Michelle and Sal’s wedding at Emerald Forest highlighted the beauty of love and nature. The enchantment of the forest filled the air, making it a truly unique and magical celebration.

Emerald Forest Theater Wedding Photos

Emerald Forest Theater Wedding Cost

If you’re seeking a one-of-a-kind wedding experience immersed in nature’s splendor, look no further than the Emerald Forest Theater. With two attractive packages, couples can customize their dream day within their budget. Package A, priced at $4,999 + tax, offers a five-hour rental period. Package B, priced at $6,299 + tax, allows for an extended eight-hour rental period. Keep in mind that both packages require a $750 refundable deposit and 8.7% sales tax. The enchantment doesn’t end there! Both packages include a range of amenities and facilities, ensuring an unforgettable celebration in this woodland haven.

Emerald Forest Treehouse AirBnB

The Luxury Treehouse at the Emerald Tree Forest was crafted by renowned builder Pete Nelson and featured on Treehouse Masters in 2017. Immerse yourself in nature as you relax in the open-space room, surrounded by panoramic windows that unveil breathtaking forest views and a private pond. It has a plush queen bed, a cozy reclining couch, and a charming loft featuring a twin bunk bed. Savor a complimentary continental breakfast delivered via a 150′ zipline from the main house. Step out onto the expansive deck and crow’s nest, perched 40 feet high, overlooking the serene nature preserve pond, home to blue herons and beavers. This magical retreat offers an unforgettable getaway and is available to book on Airbnb here.

Emerald Forest Treehouse Theater

Immerse yourself in a world of cinematic wonder as you step into the extraordinary Emerald Forest Theater—an outdoor climb-in movie theater nestled amidst the majestic hemlocks, cedars, and Douglas fir trees. Experience an unparalleled viewing adventure, from the elevated seating area positioned 15′ off the ground to the open-air pods, “Kodama Zome” elevating loungers, and hammock-like DreamNets suspended high in the trees. Every intricate detail is meticulously designed to transport you into a realm of enchantment. Indulge in movie screenings, host private events, and forge unforgettable memories with your loved ones. Reach out to Emerald Forest to organize your very own immersive forest and theater experience.

Emerald Forest Treehouse Location

Immerse yourself in serenity and escape the hustle and bustle while you embark on a tranquil journey to the Emerald Forest Treehouse. Its location is just ten minutes east of downtown Redmond and situated within thirty acres of serene forest. This forest retreat embraces you with a cozy yet luxurious ambiance. Explore the private 5-acre forest and feel transported to a picturesque meadow nestled in the Cascades, Olympics, or Ireland. Experience unparalleled tranquility with the nearest house located 1,000′ away and only a few homes within a 1/3rd mile radius. Let the Emerald Forest Treehouse envelop you in a haven of peace and tranquility.

Treehouse Weddings

Are you imagining yourself saying “I do” surrounded by tall timbers, surrounded by lush greenery? Consider the unique and breathtaking allure of treehouse weddings. These extraordinary celebrations can be anything from boho chic to romantic. Whether perched high in the branches or nestled within a woodland canopy, treehouse venues offer an unparalleled setting for a truly memorable wedding day. Imagine saying “I do” in a whimsical, fairytale-like atmosphere, creating lifelong memories for you and your loved ones. We love being in the lap of nature and love to shoot in the forest. Click here for more forest inspiration for your wedding day.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

Sound Originals is a highly acclaimed group of Seattle wedding photographers, renowned for their exceptional skills and expertise. We have an extensive portfolio encompassing numerous engagements, elopements, and weddings across the picturesque Pacific Northwest.

We are here to assist you in curating the perfect wedding photos for your big day. Our offerings include two distinct photography styles, namely the Classic and Rustic collections. For Michelle and Sal, their choice effortlessly aligned with the Classic style. We invite you to explore more of our captivating photo collections by visiting our portfolio.


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