Edmonds Yacht Club Wedding // Eric + Ingrid


In the serene coastal town of Edmonds WA, Eric and Ingrid celebrated their wedding at the picturesque Edmonds Yacht Club. The venue, with its breathtaking views of Puget Sound, provided the perfect backdrop for their joyous union. As the radiant bride walked down the aisle in her gown by David’s Bridal, guests couldn’t help but admire her beauty. Her hair and makeup was done by Alisha Riff who added the perfect finishing touch to her flawless look. The gorgeous bride and her groom were complemented by stunning portrait shots captured by our talented photographers from Sound Originals.

Eric and Ingrid’s love for each other was evident throughout the ceremony. Their genuine affection and heartfelt connection warmed the hearts of all in attendance. After the exchange of vows, guests gathered in the lovely banquet room, savoring the magnificent view of majestic mountains and sandy beaches.

This unforgettable celebration wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication and expertise of the talented wedding vendors involved. Oblation in Portland crafted exquisite invitations, setting the tone for the occasion. Cakes by Frosted delighted guests with a delectable masterpiece, while Chef Dane‘s culinary creations satisfied every palate. The atmosphere was set alive by the vibrant music curated by DJ Jay Waylon Dungan. As the day unfolded, it became a cherished memory for the happy couple and their loved ones, encapsulating the beauty of their love story.

Edmonds Yacht Club Wedding Photos

Edmonds Yacht Club Events

EYC (Edmonds Yacht Club) offers vibrant events for its members. Embark on thrilling monthly cruises, including a captivating extended voyage planned by the Commodore each summer. Beyond the open waters, the clubhouse sets the stage for celebrations throughout the year. Every occasion bursts with excitement as festive holiday dinners, dances, and themed formal and costume balls delight attendees. From New Year’s Eve to St. Patrick’s Day, Cinco De Mayo to Christmas, the club’s vibrant social events offer a remarkable experience. Don’t miss the casual pot-luck dinners and engaging general meetings at EYC where camaraderie thrives.

Edmonds Waterfront Center

Located just two minutes away Edmonds Yacht Club is Edmonds Waterfront Center. While membership is available, it is not a requirement to explore the center’s rich array of programs and events. Immerse yourself in engaging social and recreational activities, prioritize your well-being with health and wellness programs, and delight in captivating art exhibits. Furthermore, the center provides an ideal venue for hosting private events, ensuring unforgettable gatherings for you and your guests. For more information and to delve deeper into the center’s offerings, click here.

Everett Yacht Club

Since its establishment in 1907, Everett Yacht Club has proudly served as one of the oldest clubs in the Puget Sound region. The club boasts of diverse membership that includes families, singles, seasoned mariners, and boating enthusiasts of all levels. Hence club membership is offered throughout the year, open to anyone. With a strong focus on promoting boating and cruising knowledge, members can immerse themselves in a variety of activities. The club hosts over 25 club cruises and rendezvous annually, alongside engaging social events such as the prestigious Commodore’s Ball, Change of Watch Ceremony, and more.

Sailing Lessons Edmonds

Experience the thrill of sailing in the PNW region whether as a seasoned sailor or beginner. Seattle Yacht Club welcomes both members and the public to partake in their comprehensive sailing lessons. Discover the art of sailing while enjoying the stunning vistas of Puget Sound. At Puget Sound Sailing Institute, you can not only learn how to sail but also gift sailing classes, private lessons, or even a 3-hour excursion. Windworks Sailing & Powerboat Club is another club that caters to both beginners and experienced sailors. Specializing in larger, late-model cruising sailboats and powerboats, they provide top-notch instruction for those seeking to master the art of sailing. To explore more options for sailing lessons in Seattle, click here.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

Our team of Sound Originals wedding photographers in Seattle, are skilled professionals dedicated to capturing breathtaking moments in stunning wedding venues. Our expertise allows us to transform ordinary snapshots into extraordinary works of art. We understand the importance of light, composition, and timing, creating mesmerizing images that turn every scene into a masterpiece. Whether it’s a romantic sunset shot or a candid moment, we’ll capture it all, ensuring that your special day is immortalized in the most captivating way possible. Contact us now to book our services.


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