Canlis Wedding // Megan + Daniel


At Canlis, love weaves its tale against Seattle’s skyline. Tucked in Washington’s heart, it’s a haven for couples chasing elegance. Megan and Daniel, drawn to its allure, chose Canlis wedding venue to etch their love into its walls.

In the midst of enchantment, excitement hummed. Megan, radiant in her Anthropologie gown, and Daniel, dapper in his best, shared tender moments preparing for their forever. With Off White Makeup & Beauty‘s touch, they were ready to embark.

As the sun dipped, they stood beneath Canlis’s arches, exchanging vows. Their love, like the skyline, stretched to infinity. Each word bound them for eternity.

Post-ceremony, laughter filled the air. Canlis’s culinary wonders, curated by their team, pleased palates, with Honey Crumb Bakery‘s desserts sweetening the festivity. Amid toasts, Megan and Daniel shared glances, love outshining the lights.

Seattle Wedding Photographers captured each moment. From stolen looks to shared laughs, every frame echoed their tale.

As night fell, they danced. Wrapped in love, they swayed, the world fading. Cutting into their cake, they knew their journey began anew.

For those seeking enchantment, Canlis venue opens its doors. But beyond lie myriad venues in Washington. Whether a vista or intimacy, create memories in the Pacific Northwest’s heart. Explore, let love unfold.

Canlis Wedding Photos

Canlis Menu

The Canlis menu invites you to a journey full of flavors. The dishes carefully prepared by the chef leave an unforgettable taste on the palates. The menu offers original and delicious dishes using the freshest and highest quality ingredients of the region. Each plate is expertly presented and presented in an eye-catching way. Starters include a Decadent combination of carefully selected seafood and local produce. The main dishes are enriched with meat, fish, and vegetable options and appeal to every taste. The desserts are complemented by Honey Crumb Bakery’s handmade delicacies, each bite offers a burst of happiness. The Canlis menu offers an unforgettable eating experience by bringing together flavor enthusiasts Decently.

Parking at Canlis

At Canlis, the parking lot ensures guests can comfortably join the event. Adjacent to the hotel, the spacious area allows for easy access and stress-free parking. Guests arrive knowing their vehicles are secure, thanks to the attentive security measures in place. Canlis meticulously designs its parking service, aiming for a flawless guest experience. Canlis meticulous parking service ensures guests enjoy the event worry-free, enhancing the ambiance of ease and enjoyment.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

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