Bellevue Club Hotel Wedding // Whiting + Reanna


Whiting and Reanna chose a spectacular setting for their wedding day, starting with a heartfelt ceremony at a majestic church followed by a reception for their Bellevue Club Hotel Wedding. The church, with its grand columns and stained-glass windows, provided a solemn and beautiful setting for their vows.

As the couple stood at the altar, their clasped hands signified their newly intertwined paths. Reanna, in her stunning gown from I Do Bridal, and Whiting, in his sharp blue suit, exchanged rings and promises in a ceremony surrounded by friends and family. The floral arrangements by Dellinger & Radovich added a touch of elegance and color to the sacred space.

The celebration then moved to the Bellevue Club Hotel, known for its sophisticated charm and impeccable service. Here, the atmosphere shifted to one of joyous celebration. The hotel’s catering team served exquisite dishes that delighted all the guests, while the cake from the Bellevue Club was not only a feast for the eyes but also for the palate.

Music filled the air as Puget Sounds – DJ Kelli kept the dance floor lively throughout the evening. Jennifer Hoffman, the planner, meticulously arranged every detail, from the elegant invitations to the overall flow of the evening.

As the night unfolded, the joy and love between Whiting and Reanna were palpable, captured beautifully by Seattle Wedding Photographers. Every moment of their special day reflected their unique story and deep love for each other.

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Bellevue Club Hotel Wedding Photos

Bellevue Club Hotel Spa

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Bellevue Club Hotel Membership Cost

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Seattle Wedding Photographers

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