94th Aero Squadron Wedding // Jessica + Osley


This 94th Aero Squadron wedding in Miami, FL, was the perfect day for Jessica and Osley. This unique venue, with its vintage World War I aviation theme and picturesque surroundings, offered an unforgettable setting. Guests admired the venue’s historical artifacts, lush greenery, and charming outdoor spaces. The rustic ambiance seamlessly blended with elegant décor, creating a perfect mix of history and romance. Melissa Alcazar, the wedding planner, meticulously arranged every detail, bringing Jessica and Osley’s dream wedding to life.

Jessica and Osley celebrated their love surrounded by family and friends, radiating joy throughout the event. Their smiles and laughter reflected their deep connection and happiness.

Masterfully prepared culinary delights offered a delicious array of flavors. Edda’s Cake Design provided an exquisite cake that was both beautiful and tasty. Bella Flor Flowers adorned the venue with stunning floral arrangements, adding elegance to the celebration. Adrian from GMZ Entertainment kept the dance floor alive, ensuring everyone had a fantastic time.

Jessica’s bridal look was flawless, thanks to Millenia Payo, who expertly handled both her hair and makeup. Sound Originals Photography immortalizes every precious moment, creating memories that will last a lifetime. The wedding invitations, dress details, and other personal touches added to the overall charm of the event, making it a truly magical day for Jessica and Osley.

Jessica and Osley’s wedding was a celebration filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable moments. Friends and family gathered to witness their beautiful union and enjoy the festivities in a breathtaking setting. From the moment they exchanged vows to the lively reception, every aspect of the day was a testament to their love and commitment to each other. The blend of historical charm and modern elegance at the 94th Aero Squadron made their wedding day truly special. Visit our website for more love stories!

94th Aero Squadron Wedding Photos

94th Aero Squadron Restaurant Menu

To complement the beautiful wedding at the 94th Aero Squadron, the restaurant’s menu added a delightful touch. Guests enjoyed a diverse selection of dishes. The appetizers included fresh salads and savory soups. For the main course, options ranged from tender steaks to flavorful seafood. Vegetarian dishes were also available. The desserts, crafted by Edda’s Cake Design, were both delicious and visually stunning. Each dish was prepared with the finest ingredients, ensuring a memorable dining experience. The 94th Aero Squadron Restaurant’s menu truly enhanced the celebration, making Jessica and Osley’s wedding day even more special.

94th Aero Squadron Nightclub

Continuing with our discussion of Portland wedding photographers, let’s take a closer look at the distinctive 94th Aero Squadron nightclub as a potential wedding location. The nightclub at 94th Aero Squadron provides a unique venue for weddings. This venue with an aviation theme has a warm atmosphere and vintage decor. Proposals can be exchanged in the quaint outdoor garden. The reception area inside has vintage aircraft items creating a nostalgic mood. The location provides bespoke wedding packages with choices for entertainment and catering. For couples looking for a special and unforgettable event, it’s ideal. This is the place to plan your wedding if you want an unique experience.

94th Aero Squadron Events

Now that we’ve covered some unusual locations, let’s talk about the 94th Aero Squadron Events. The 94th Aero Squadron provides a unique backdrop for a variety of occasions. This venue with an aviation theme has a warm atmosphere and vintage decor. Weddings would be perfect in the quaint outdoor garden, and the indoor reception area features historical aircraft artifacts. They provide bespoke event packages with options for entertainment and catering. This location guarantees a remarkable experience and is ideal for parties, weddings, and business gatherings. The 94th Aero Squadron is a remarkable option for any special celebration because of its distinct atmosphere and adaptable areas. Organizing your event here ensures a memorable party.


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