Orting Manor Wedding // Julia + Jacob


We are absolutely thrilled to share the exquisite wedding photos capturing the love story of Julia and Jacob at Orting Manor! Located near Mount Rainier National Park in the charming town of Orting, Washington, Orting Manor offers a stunning backdrop with breathtaking views of Mount Rainier on clear days, creating an idyllic setting for weddings and celebrations.

Orting Manor exudes vintage farmhouse charm with elegant and refined details, attracting couples for their wedding celebrations. The blend of old-world allure and modern comforts at Orting Manor makes it a favorite venue for weddings.

One standout feature of Orting Manor is the picturesque outdoor space that allows photographers to capture stunning couples portraits against the backdrop of the historic mansion. Imagine posing with a classic red car, adding a touch of nostalgia and romance—a dream setting for vintage car enthusiasts or couples seeking an automobile-themed wedding!

Jacob looked dashing and proud in his Marine uniform, symbolizing honor and dedicated service to his country. The uniform’s clean lines and sharp details highlighted his strength and commitment as a protector and provider. Julia was a picture of beauty and elegance in her stunning white wedding dress, exuding grace and joy all day. Her dress, adorned with delicate lace and intricate details, highlighted her poise and sophistication, complementing Jacob’s military attire perfectly.

Their wedding photos and videography are a testament to the depth of emotion experienced throughout the celebration. They beautifully captured every moment, from emotional tears to infectious laughter, to preserve the essence of their love story.

Get ready to immerse yourself in more captivating details and memorable glimpses of this unforgettable wedding. Here, rustic charm meets timeless romance against the backdrop of Mount Rainier’s majestic views! Stay tuned for more highlights and behind-the-scenes moments from Julia and Jacob’s magical day.

Orting Manor Wedding Video

Orting Manor Wedding Video by Sound Originals