Olympic National Park Elopement / Nicole + Zach


When you plan an Olympic National Park elopement, sometimes you need to expect mosquitoes. At least, if your first look takes place at Madison Falls.

Sound Originals was thrilled to be Nicole and Zach’s photography and videography team for their adventure elopement.

The special day began at Madison Falls. Nicole snuck up on Zach for their emotional first look. Madison Falls is a short hike from the parking lot. Washington Trails Association says it’s less than 0.2 miles to the gorgeous waterfall. As a result, it’s an easy hike. Even a bride in a wedding dress carrying a bridal bouquet can do it! First, we took romantic photos under the canopy of trees. Secondly, the majestic waterfall added a humming soundtrack to the elopement videography. As a result, we dodged mosquitoes at every turn! The couple brought their three dogs to the marriage. They watched eagerly as we scrambled down the rocks to the waterfall to pose for intimate and loving photos.

Our next stop was Hurricane Ridge. It’s stunning. Hurricane Ridge is the highest point in Olympic National Park. The ridge rises 5,000 feet above sea level. Therefore, we picked a viewpoint overlooking forested hills and valleys for the elopement ceremony. After that, Zach sang a song as his vows! Be sure to check weather conditions provided by the National Park Service. The road to Hurricane Ridge closes during snowy weather. Plus, the views can be obstructed by clouds and fog. The park service has webcams to check the current views! If you’re planning an Olympic National Park elopement, be prepared for any kind of weather.

After the ceremony, the couple removed their masks and celebrated with a passionate first kiss. This is the kind of moment that wedding photographers and videographers crave. Pure emotion. Authentic feelings.

Nicole and Zach had their first wedding dance at Salt Creek Beach, about 30 minutes away from Hurricane Ridge. Salt Creek Beach is still on the Olympic Peninsula. It’s a secluded beach with rocky outcroppings and fantastic sunsets.

Olympic National Park Wedding Permits

You’ll need a permit for your Olympic National Park elopement. Luckily, the National Park Service can help you. Rangers will offer advice to help pick the perfect spot for your ceremony. The permit required for an elopement or wedding within Olympic National Park is called a special use permit.

Elopement Videography

Olympic National Park elopement video and highlight film

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