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Located less than an hour’s drive from Portland, Oregon, Skamania Lodge offers an enchanting setting in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge. This venue captivates with its scenic vistas of lush forests and the sweeping river, providing a picture-perfect backdrop for any wedding. With nearby attractions such as the Bridge of the Gods and various hiking trails, guests can easily turn wedding trips into memorable getaways.

Skamania Lodge boasts a variety of venues to host wedding ceremonies and receptions. Outdoor options include sprawling lawns and terraces overlooking the gorge, ideal for couples who dream of a natural setting under the open sky. For those who prefer an indoor event, the lodge offers spaces with large windows that frame the stunning landscape, ensuring the outdoors is part of the celebration regardless of the weather.

The wedding packages at Skamania Lodge are comprehensive and cater to a wide range of preferences and budgets. From essential services to more elaborate arrangements, these packages include venue rental, custom catering with options for local and seasonal dishes, and professional event planning. The planning team at Skamania Lodge works closely with each couple to ensure their wedding day is flawlessly executed, from décor to dining.

Costs for hosting a wedding at Skamania Lodge generally range from $15,000 to $30,000. This pricing reflects the level of service and the many amenities included, such as setup and cleanup, access to audio-visual equipment, and personalized menu planning. Couples can choose from different levels of service to match their vision and budget, ensuring their big day is both beautiful and stress-free.

For a closer look at the stunning weddings hosted at Skamania Lodge, scroll down to view our photo galleries and videos. These collections highlight the breathtaking settings and joyous celebrations that define weddings at Skamania, inspiring.

Skamania Lodge Wedding Photos

Explore the enchanting beauty of a Skamania Lodge Wedding through our curated photo galleries. As Sound Originals, we capture the timeless elegance and breathtaking surroundings that make each celebration unique. Let these images inspire you as you envision your perfect wedding day at Skamania Lodge.

Skamania Lodge Wedding // Xandy & Sam

Skamania Lodge Wedding // Xandy & Sam

Xandy and Sam’s wedding at the breathtaking Skamania Lodge in Washington was nothing short of magical. Set against the stunning backdrop of the Pacific Northwest’s lush forests and towering mountains, their special day was a celebration of love and natural beauty. From the meticulously chosen vendors to the seamless coordination by wedding planner Nicole Issler, every detail was thoughtfully curated to create an unforgettable experience for the couple and their guests. One of the standout […]

Skamania Lodge Wedding // Jamiee + Christopher

Skamania Lodge Wedding // Jamiee + Christopher

Jamiee and Christopher’s picturesque Skamania Lodge Wedding in Washington was an enchanting celebration. Situated in the stunning Columbia River Gorge, this venue provided a breathtaking backdrop for their special day. The Lodge’s authentic Pacific Northwest style décor created an inviting atmosphere in their indoor wedding and reception spaces. For their outdoor ceremony, guests were treated to mesmerizing views of the Columbia Gorge. The bride, Jamiee, looked radiant in her fitted A-line gown by Exclusively Bridal, […]

Skamania Lodge Wedding Videos

Dive into the magic of a Skamania Lodge Wedding with our exclusive video collection. At Sound Originals, our videography team expertly captures the emotion and beauty of each moment, creating unforgettable memories. Watch our videos to see how we bring wedding stories to life at Skamania Lodge.

  • Skamania Lodge Wedding Video // Xandy & Sam

  • Skamania Lodge Wedding Video // Aubriana & John

  • Skamania Lodge Wedding Video // Michelle & Patrick

  • Skamania Lodge Wedding Video // Yon & Laura

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Skamania Lodge Wedding Cost

Wedding costs at Skamania Lodge typically range from $15,000 to $30,000. Prices depend on the chosen package and event scale. These prices generally include venue rental, customized catering services, and professional event planning support. Costs vary with guest count, services included, and venue use duration. For more detailed and personalized pricing, contacting Skamania Lodge directly is advisable. They can provide specific package details and tailor services to your wedding’s unique needs and budget. This ensures a memorable experience against the beautiful backdrop of the Columbia River Gorge.

Skamania Lodge Wedding Reviews

Reviews of weddings at Skamania Lodge often highlight the venue’s stunning location in the Columbia River Gorge and its professional, attentive staff. Many couples praise the lodge’s breathtaking scenery and rustic elegance, perfect for photos and ceremonies. The food receives compliments for its quality and presentation, with many noting the use of local ingredients. Some reviews mention the convenience and value of the inclusive wedding packages, which help streamline planning and execution. Skamania Lodge is often recommended for its beautiful setting and exceptional wedding experience.

Skamania Lodge Map

If you’re heading to Skamania Lodge for a getaway or a special event, having a good map can make all the difference. Nestled in the stunning Columbia River Gorge, the lodge is accessible via a scenic drive from Portland, Oregon. A detailed map will show the key routes like Highway 14 and the nearby attractions including hiking trails and waterfalls. Whether you’re exploring the lodge’s expansive grounds or venturing out into the surrounding wilderness, a map will help you navigate and fully enjoy the natural beauty and activities the area has to offer. Always have it handy to enhance your Skamania experience!

Skamania Lodge Preferred Vendors

Skamania Lodge collaborates with a select group of preferred vendors to ensure high-quality event services. These professionals, including caterers, florists, and planners, are chosen for their expertise and familiarity with the lodge’s standards and settings. Using these vendors ensures seamless event coordination and execution, as they are well-versed in working with Skamania’s staff and facilities. For detailed information and a list of these preferred vendors, contacting Skamania Lodge directly is recommended. They provide current details and tailor services to fit any event or wedding’s specific needs.

Portland Wedding Photographers

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