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Nestled amidst the breathtaking beauty of Snoqualmie, Washington, North Fork Farm stands as a haven for couples seeking a truly enchanting wedding experience. Embarking on the journey to North Fork Farm is a scenic adventure. It’s just a short drive from the renowned Snoqualmie Falls and the iconic Salish Lodge, a place ingrained in Twin Peaks lore. Surrounded by nature’s embrace, the venue beckons couples to immerse themselves in the charm of the Cascade Mountains.

Owned by the Littlejohn family for over four decades, North Fork Farm exudes warmth and a familial ambiance. This resonates deeply with couples seeking a special connection. Beyond its rustic allure, the venue offers panoramic Mount Si views and elegantly blends tranquility with thoughtful design.

North Fork Farm presents a canvas of possibilities for couples envisioning their special day. The venue offers diverse settings, including outdoor ceremonies on the back patio, indoor gatherings, barns, mountains, and tree-lined backdrops. With on-site accommodations, dressing rooms, and essential amenities, the venue ensures a seamless celebration.

North Fork Farm beckons couples with tailored wedding packages, each a canvas for crafting dreams. The Silver Package, $4,800 – $11,000, accommodates 125 guests indoors with a 10 AM – 10 PM timeframe and a one-hour Thursday rehearsal. The opulent Gold Package, priced between $8,500 and $13,000, caters to 200 guests. It includes an 8 AM – 10 PM timeframe, a four-hour Friday rehearsal, a photo booth, and two guest suites for an overnight stay. These varied options, adjusting in cost based on features and season, ensure couples weave an unforgettable tale within their budget.

For those captivated by North Fork Farm, envision your wedding amidst the cascading beauty of the Cascades. Scroll down to witness love stories at this enchanting venue, where celebrations embody the union of elegance and nature.

North Fork Farm Wedding Photos

Indulge in the visual allure of North Fork Farm Wedding Photos! Immerse yourself in a collection of captivating images that beautifully capture the unique love and moments, showcasing the rustic elegance and natural beauty of weddings held at North Fork Farm in Snoqualmie, WA.

North Fork Farm Wedding // Alexandra + Drake

North Fork Farm Wedding // Alexandra + Drake

The gorgeous Mount Si made a dreamy backdrop for Alexandra and Dave’s North Fork Farm wedding. We truly enjoyed this wedding set in a picture-perfect outdoor venue.┬áSituated in Snoqualmie, Washington, North Fork Farm holds a rich history having been in the Littlejohn family for more than four decades. The splendor of North Fork Farm extends to its exquisite architecture. Inside, a timeless rustic ambiance prevails, Impeccable attention to detail is evident throughout, from the glistening […]

North Fork Farm Wedding // Katelyn + Avery

North Fork Farm Wedding // Katelyn + Avery

We are so excited to share this North Fork Farm wedding with you! It was such a delight being apart of Katelyn and Avery’s special day! They chose one of our favorite venues, which is North Fork Farm. If you aren’t already familiar with this venue, it is located in Snoqualmie, WA, about 40 minutes from Seattle. North Fork Farm is a 10 acre farm with an incredible view of Mount Si. Therefore, this spacious […]

North Fork Farm Wedding Videos

Embark on a visual journey with North Fork Farm Wedding Videos! Immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of North Fork Farm weddings through our captivating videos. Relive the heartfelt moments, emotions, and unique love stories that unfold in this remarkable venue, ensuring your wedding day is beautifully captured for a lifetime. Contact us to discover more about preserving the magic of your North Fork Farm wedding.

  • North Fork Farm Wedding Video // Hailey & Matt

  • North Fork Farm Wedding Video // Alexandra & Drake

Wedding Venues Similar to North Fork Farm

North Fork Farm Washington

How about realizing your wedding dream at this magnificent venue? North Fork Farm, one of Washington’s favorite venues, stands out with its natural beauty, unique atmosphere, and family warmth. This ambitious wedding venue, nestled in a 10-acre natural area, offers an open-air ceremony space with mountain views and enchanting indoor settings. The meticulous management by the Littlejohn family promises a wedding experience where every detail is considered. With its wedding packages and privileged services, this unique venue commits to creating unforgettable memories for couples. For more information and to detail your wedding dream, you can visit their website by contacting North Fork Farm.

North Fork Farm Events

North Fork Farm Events, located in Snoqualmie, Washington, is a versatile venue catering to various events, accommodating over 300 guests. The venue offers a luxurious ambiance and scenic views. It is a favored venue for weddings, engagements, birthdays, graduations, and corporate events. The venue offers expansive spaces, making it ideal for gatherings of all kinds. Its romantic ambiance sets the stage for engagement ceremonies, and the expansive outdoor space is ideal for open-air events. For rustic charm and modern elegance in Washington, choose North Fork Farm Events for an unforgettable experience. To explore upcoming events at this venue, please click here.

Northfork Farm Wedding Cost

North Fork Farm invites couples to embark on a tailored journey of celebration through thoughtfully curated wedding packages, each designed to weave dreams into reality. The Silver Package, ranging from $4,800 to $11,000 during peak season, provides an intimate setting for 125 guests indoors, with a convenient 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM timeframe and a one-hour Thursday rehearsal. For those desiring a touch of opulence, the Gold Package, priced between $8,500 and $13,000, offers accommodation for 125 guests indoors and up to 200 outdoors/indoors. From 8 AM to 10 PM, the package includes a Friday rehearsal, photo booth, and two guest suites for an overnight stay. Additionally, it features a meticulously arranged Friday wedding setup. These customizable packages let couples create an unforgettable love story chapter, aligning perfectly with their vision and budget.

North Fork Farm Events Reviews

North Fork Farm Events has garnered widespread acclaim for its enchanting ambiance and exceptional service, creating memorable experiences for countless visitors. Glowing reviews highlight the venue’s picturesque setting, from the sprawling outdoor spaces to the tastefully designed interiors. Visitors praise the warm and welcoming atmosphere cultivated by the Littlejohn family, who have expertly managed the venue for over four decades. Many commend the versatility of the space, suitable for weddings, engagements, birthdays, and corporate events. Guests consistently express their satisfaction with the attention to detail, ensuring every event held at North Fork Farm is an extraordinary and cherished occasion.

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