Hillside Farms Wedding


Nestled in the heart of Thurston County, Washington, the Hillside Farms stands as an exquisite venue, offering a picturesque setting for couples seeking a unique and rustic wedding experience. Located just minutes away from downtown Olympia, the farm provides easy access for guests staying in Olympia, Tumwater, Rochester, and the west side of Olympia.

Surrounded by fir trees, maples, and sprawling lavender fields, the farm spans 650+ acres on the outskirts of Olympia. While the farm operates as a private lavender farm, it opens its doors to couples seeking an exclusive and intimate wedding experience.

Hillside Farms features two rustic cabins with local wood, private restrooms, and prep areas. The exterior of the barn, handcrafted using wood sourced and milled by a local 91-year-old sawyer, adds a touch of history to the venue.

For couples considering Hillside Farms for their wedding, the current pricing includes a 12-hour rental, round tables, white resin chairs, white linens, parking attendant, and garbage service. The venue can accommodate up to 200 guests, with ceremony and reception spaces available both indoors and outdoors.

Besides the charm, amenities include a dressing room, handicap access, Wi-Fi, and on-site stays. Couples can enjoy the flexibility of choosing their own vendors, although Hillside Farms provides a preferred vendor list.

Hillside Farms wedding prices vary from $4,650 to $5,650, depending on the day. Couples must obtain special event liability insurance worth one million dollars. A banquet permit is required for serving alcohol at Hillside Farms weddings. These measures ensure a smooth and secure celebration of your dream wedding.

The venue encourages couples to explore its exclusive pieces available for ceremony and reception decor. Scroll down to witness the magical weddings that unfold at this enchanting venue!

Hillside Farms Wedding Photos

As premier wedding photographers, Sound Originals boasts an extensive collection of breathtaking wedding photos, solidifying our reputation for expertise and meticulous attention to detail. We take pride in capturing the essence of weddings at Hillside Farms throughout the year, crafting timeless memories for couples to cherish.

Hillside Farms Wedding // Jen + Preston

Hillside Farms Wedding // Jen + Preston

Hillside Farms Wedding was a dream come true for Jen and Preston. Nestled in the serene outskirts of Seattle, this picturesque venue was their top choice for tying the knot. With its rustic charm and breathtaking views, Hillside Farm Wedding provided the perfect backdrop for their special day. Amidst the rolling hills and lush greenery, Jen and Preston found the tranquility they were seeking for their wedding celebration. They knew the venue was perfect for […]

Hillside Farms Wedding // Nina + Sean

Hillside Farms Wedding // Nina + Sean

Nina and Sean’s Hillside Farm Wedding was nothing short of a fairytale brought to life. Located in the heart of Washington, these charming Hillside Farms instantly stole hearts. Its rustic charm and breathtaking vistas captivated them. From the moment they set foot on its grounds, they knew it was the perfect backdrop. It marked the beginning of their forever journey. Surrounded by loved ones, Nina and Sean exchanged vows amidst Hillside Farm‘s serene beauty. The […]

Hillside Farms Wedding // Julia + Trevor

Hillside Farms Wedding // Julia + Trevor

We’re very excited to share Julia and Trevor’s lavender Hillside Farms Wedding! Together, Julia and Trevor chose a lavender farm as the venue for their wedding. Specifically, Hillside Farms is located in Thurston County, WA. In detail, this venue is about an hour and half south of Seattle. As guests arrived, they were invited to use an Instax camera and leave a photo in the couple’s guest book.  Initially, the bride and groom got ready […]

Hillside Farms Wedding Videos

Our videography at Hillside Farms encapsulates the beauty of each moment against the backdrop of this enchanting venue. From intimate ceremonies to lively receptions, our wedding videos at Hillside Farms capture the essence of your special day. Dive into the captivating world of Hillside Farms weddings through our videos, and connect with us to explore the options for turning your dream wedding into a cinematic masterpiece.

  • Hillside Farms Wedding Video // Julia & Trevor

  • Hillside Farms Wedding Video // Jen & Preston

Wedding Venues Similar to Hillside Farms

Hillside Farms Tenino

Hillside Farms in Tenino is an enchanting wedding venue. Nestled in the heart of Washington, this farm sits peacefully on over 650 acres just minutes away from downtown Olympia, outside of Tenino. Surrounded by fir and maple trees, the farm is adorned with breathtaking lavender fields. Lavender plants, planted in 2017, bloom from late June to the end of July. Currently, this private lavender farm is accessible by appointment only. As a wedding venue, Hillside Farms boasts a 4.4-star rating with 27 reviews. The serene ambiance and picturesque setting make it a sought-after choice for couples seeking a unique and intimate celebration.

Hillside Lavender Farm

Hillside Lavender Farm is a captivating wedding venue renowned for its famous lavender fields. Located in the heart of Tenino, this farm sprawls across 650 acres, just minutes away from downtown Olympia. Surrounded by fir and maple trees, the farm boasts breathtaking lavender fields that come into full bloom from late June to the end of July, creating a spectacular display of colors. Planted in 2017, the lavender plants add an enchanting touch to the landscape. This unique lavender farm is accessible by appointment only, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the beauty of its lavender garden. With its famous lavender fields, Hillside Lavender Farm offers couples not only a visually stunning but also a sensory-rich experience, making weddings at this venue truly unforgettable.

Edlynn Farm Wedding Cost

Now, let’s explore other venues similar to Hillside Farms. Starting with Edlynn Farm, let’s delve into the details of wedding costs. The expense at Edlynn Farm varies depending on factors like the chosen season, package, and guest count. For off-season weddings (November-March), the site fee begins at $8,000, while peak season weddings (April-October) start at $10,000. The comprehensive Full Wedding Package, covering the site fee, ceremony setup, chairs, tables, and more, begins at $16,000 (off-season) and $18,000 (peak season). Additionally, consider an extra fee of $65 per guest over 150. Beyond the venue, budget for catering, bar service, flowers, photography, and music. Explore similar venues to make an informed decision for your special day!

Lord Hill Farms Wedding

Now, let’s take a look at another venue with a similar allure, Lord Hill Farms. Located in Snohomish, Washington, Lord Hill Farms is a stunning venue offering a unique wedding experience. This expansive farm provides couples with an unforgettable day amidst its natural beauty, ponds, and breathtaking landscapes. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor weddings, the farm stands out with its impressive wooden structures, elegant decorations, and spacious settings. Wedding packages at Lord Hill Farms can be customized to meet couples’ specific needs, typically including venue rental, table and chair arrangements, catering services, and other details. Additionally, a professional event coordinator can assist couples throughout the wedding planning process. Lord Hill Farms offers an unforgettable wedding experience with its natural beauty and elegant atmosphere.

Kelley Farm Wedding Cost

Just like these venues, Kelley Farm, with its timeless rustic allure, provides a captivating backdrop for your special day. Wedding costs at Kelley Farm vary based on factors like the season, chosen package, and guest count. Site fees, ranging from $2,500 to $10,500, offer flexible options to suit your preferences. Packages, starting at $5,729 for 50 guests, include event time, setup, cleanup, chairs, tables, linens, and a dance floor. From extra hours to exclusive catering partners, additional details enhance the experience. Kelley Farm is ready to embrace you, eagerly anticipating the creation of unforgettable memories together.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

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