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Nestled amidst the majestic Cascade Mountains in Powell Butte, Oregon, Brasada Ranch offers an idyllic setting for a wedding that combines rustic elegance with breathtaking landscapes. Easily accessible via Bend, which is just a 30-minute drive away, the ranch positions itself as a tranquil getaway that is conveniently close to the city’s amenities. The surrounding area is renowned for its outdoor activities, from hiking and biking to exploring nearby landmarks like Smith Rock State Park.

Couples flock to Brasada Ranch for its stunning panoramic views and versatile wedding venues. The ranch provides an array of options, from intimate gatherings in the quaint Barn to grand celebrations on the Range Lawn, each offering spectacular views of the mountains and the sprawling high desert. What truly sets Brasada Ranch apart is its commitment to providing a personalized wedding experience, ensuring each couple’s vision comes to life amidst the natural beauty of Central Oregon.

Brasada Ranch caters to weddings of all sizes with tailored packages that include essentials like catering, venue setup, and accommodations. Their dedicated team works closely with couples to customize details, from gourmet dining experiences crafted by professional chefs to unique decor that matches the theme and style of the wedding. For an added touch of luxury, the ranch also offers spa services and golf activities for guests to enjoy.

Wedding costs at Brasada Ranch can vary, but couples can expect to spend an average of $10,000 to $30,000 depending on the scale and specifics of their celebration. This investment promises not just a venue, but a full experience that combines luxury, comfort, and unforgettable natural beauty.

For those interested in exploring more about weddings at Brasada Ranch, scroll down to view our photo and video galleries, capturing the essence of celebrations held at this spectacular location.

Brasada Ranch Wedding Photos

Brasada Ranch wedding photos capture the essence of rustic elegance set against the stunning backdrop of the Cascade Mountains. Each photo captures the romance and vibrant sunsets of Oregon’s high desert. These images reflect the unforgettable moments that couples and their guests experience at this unique and picturesque venue.

Brasada Ranch Wedding // Eric + Julianne

Brasada Ranch Wedding // Eric + Julianne

Eric and Julianne’s wedding at Brasada Ranch in Powell Butte, Oregon was a celebration that seamlessly blended modern rustic charm with the enchanting beauty of the high desert landscape. Named “Best Wedding Venue in Oregon” by Oregon Bride, Brasada Ranch provided the ideal setting for this gorgeous couple. This venue provided panoramic views of the Cascade Mountains and the surrounding high desert. It served as a picturesque backdrop for their special day. Julianne, wearing a […]

Brasada Ranch Wedding Videos

Brasada Ranch wedding videos capture the venue’s rustic charm and the joy of each couple’s special day. The sweeping vistas of the Cascade Mountains and the lush, meticulously landscaped grounds provide a cinematic backdrop for each video. These films capture heartfelt moments and scenic beauty, creating a timeless memento treasured for a lifetime.

  • Brasada Ranch Wedding Video // Julianne & Eric

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Brasada Ranch Wedding Cost

Hosting your wedding at Brasada Ranch means embracing the rustic elegance and breathtaking landscapes of Oregon’s high desert. The venue offers a range of options with rental fees starting from $900 to $3,000, which includes 12 hours of event time. Keep in mind that there’s a lodging minimum that varies from $12,000 to $20,000 depending on the season. Additionally, food and beverage minimums apply, especially for peak Saturday events. This idyllic venue combines luxurious accommodations and customizable options, ensuring your wedding day is as unique as your love story. For a detailed breakdown, it’s best to contact the venue directly or visit their official site for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Brasada Ranch Barn

The Barn at Brasada Ranch is a standout venue for weddings and events, embodying the rustic elegance of Central Oregon. It’s designed to blend seamlessly with the natural landscape, offering a classic Western-style exterior paired with a modern, stylish interior. The Barn can accommodate up to 140 guests and includes an outdoor terrace that expands the available space, perfect for under-the-stars celebrations. Inside, it features high-end amenities and a cozy atmosphere, making it ideal for both ceremonies and receptions. The space is highly customizable. Couples can taylor the décor and setup to their specific tastes, ensuring a unique and personal wedding experience. For more detailed information about The Barn at Brasada Ranch, consider visiting their official website.

Brasada Ranch to Bend

Brasada Ranch is located in Central Oregon’s high desert, roughly a half-hour drive from Bend. This proximity allows easy access to the tranquility of the ranch and the amenities of Bend. The journey between these locations reveals stunning views of the Cascade Mountains and vast desert landscapes. It offers a perfect balance for those who appreciate serene, rural settings alongside vibrant, urban lifestyles. Ideal for guests attending ranch events or exploring Bend’s attractions. The area is known for its outdoor activities, including hiking, biking, and fishing, which enhance the appeal for visitors. The blend of natural beauty and city convenience makes it a favored choice for weddings and vacations.

Brasada Ranch Stay and Play

Brasada Ranch offers a perfect blend of luxury and adventure for a memorable stay. Nestled in Central Oregon, the resort features stunning accommodations like Sage Canyon Cabins and Ranch House Suites. Guests can indulge in various activities, including golfing at the renowned Brasada Canyons Golf Course, horseback riding along scenic trails, and unwinding at Spa Brasada with rejuvenating treatments. The resort also boasts amenities like heated pools, a fitness center, and delicious dining options at its on-site restaurants. Whether you’re seeking relaxation or outdoor adventures, Brasada Ranch provides an exceptional experience amidst breathtaking landscapes. For more details, visit Brasada Ranch.

Brasada Ranch Cancellation Policy

Brasada Ranch has a variable cancellation policy that depends on the specific type of accommodation and the timing of the cancellation. Generally, they offer a full refund if the cancellation occurs within a specific timeframe before the scheduled stay. The details, including any potential fees or restrictions, depend on the booking conditions at the time of reservation. It’s recommended to check the specific terms directly on their booking platform or contact the property for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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