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Planning your senior portraits is a rite of passage. Congratulations on your upcoming graduation from high school! As a Seattle senior photography expert, we understand the importance of this milestone. We'll guide you through the entire photography process. We'll help you pick the perfect place to take your senior portraits, the right outfit and the best time of day. You want to look stunning in your school yearbook's senior portraits. That's why our portrait photographers specialize in helping seniors with the most flattering poses. Your senior photography collection will be something you and your families will cherish forever.

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1 Hour
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Unlimited Outfits
25 Digital Images
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2 Hours
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50 Digital Images
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Mountain / Ocean Adventure
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PORTRAITS AT pioneer square in downtown seattle

Seattle graduation photographers absolutely love Pioneer Square in Downtown Seattle. It's urban, unique and gritty. The neighborhood association proudly calls it Seattle's "first neighborhood." As a result, your senior photos have a distinct style. Seniors and their families love the exposed brick, vintage signs and ivy. We wander through the alleys looking for original poses and backgrounds. For Desi and her family, we met in Occidental Park. We took some of her senior photos with the colorful chairs and tables outside Cherry Street Coffee House. We also meandered through King Street looking for signs, logos and storefronts. 


One of the best places to take senior pictures in Seattle is Alki Beach. Seniors love the variety. Some senior photos can have the Seattle skyline in the background. The buildings twinkle at night. It's gorgeous! Other senior photos can face the Olympic mountains or Puget Sound. Even Lonely Planet calls Alki Beach a riff off the popular Southern California beach towns.  We don't know if the travel editors know anything about senior portrait photography. But they know a great photo location when they see it! The mountains look stunning at sunset and twilight. If you're lucky, a ferry or two might even pass by! 


Senior portrait photographers absolutely adore Lincoln Park! It's easy to see why. It's one of the best places to take senior pictures in Seattle. Lincoln Park has forests, meadows and beaches. It has covered patios and benches. The beach across Puget Sound looks fabulous at sunset. Graduating seniors like to take pictures on the beach in the evening for the most flattering light. After all, you want your yearbook senior photo to look radiant. It's almost never crowded at Lincoln Park. Your graduation photographer knows the hidden spots and trails for senior photos. We love the canopy of old-growth trees, the picnic shelters and the path along the water. Lincoln Park is also on our list of the best spots for engagement photos in Seattle. You can see lots of photo galleries from Lincoln Park: Tyler + Jay and Nicole + Noah


Discovery Park is one of the best places to take senior pictures in Seattle. It's located in the Magnolia neighborhood, just a short drive from downtown, Ballard, Fremont and Queen Anne. Seniors and their families love taking portrait photography along the beach and lighthouse. There's a popular trail that's less than 2 miles, according to the Washington Trails Association. You can enjoy sunset over the Olympic Mountains in the distance. Your senior pictures may even catch a glimpse of Mount Rainier on a sunny day! Discovery Park easily earns its rank as a best spot for senior graduation photos in Washington State. From the South parking lot, there is a small canopy of bushes and vines. It's like a tunnel of greenery. You can also walk from the parking lot to a cove of birch trees that are especially scenic in autumn and fall. 


We cheated. River Canyon in Yakima is not in Seattle. But we still award this wonderful location as one of the best places for senior pictures in the Pacific Northwest. For Madison's senior photos, we escaped to the canyon in autumn. She wanted fall colors for her senior portraits. It's about a 3 hour drive from Seattle. You cross Snoqualmie Pass along Interstate 90 and head east to Yakima, passing Ellensberg along the trip. The fall leaves were absolutely stunning. Madison wore two outfits, which is included in most senior photo packages and pricing from the best Seattle graduation photographers. We walked around the trails and tried lots of different poses for Madison's senior pictures. She'll have to choose one photo for her yearbook portrait. As a result, it's always the best plan to hire a senior portraits photographer who will take dozens of senior pictures so you have choices.


Picking the best place to take senior portraits is all about your personality. What are your hobbies? Skills? Passions? Lucas loves football. He plays for West Seattle High School. We decided to take his senior pictures at the Southwest Athletic Complex in his high school football uniform. His senior portraits reflect his authentic self and style. It's the way his friends will remember him when they flip through the yearbook. There are many sports stadiums perfect for Seattle senior portraits. We believe the best senior photos combine an amazing location with the senior's authentic individual style.

viewpoints in magnolia

Your senior photos don't need to have a huge amount of variety if you don't want them to. Gray and his family love this special viewpoint in Seattle's Magnolia neighborhood. The Olympic mountains light up with golden reds and oranges during sunset. That's why we picked this viewpoint as the best place to take senior portraits if you love classic Pacific Northwest landscapes.

bothell landing

Bothell Landing is one of our picks for the best places to take senior portraits in Seattle and beyond. We love the wooden bridge, maple trees and abundant autumn colors. Grace loved the fall themes of her senior photos, so we planned her portrait session for October. 

Senior Photos Seattle

graduation photography faq

Where can I take senior pictures in Seattle?
You can take senior pictures in Seattle anywhere you want! We'll help you find the best places to take your senior portraits based on your hobbies, passions and interests. Are you an athlete? Band member? Artist? Do you prefer spring and summer themes or fall and winter? Do you want senior photos in a lush green field with flowers? Or would you prefer a darker and moodier vibe with fall colors? What about an urban setting, like Pioneer Square in downtown Seattle, or Ballard? Our senior portrait photographers will help you narrow down locations based on your personality and style.

How much do senior pictures cost in 2021?
Sound Originals offers senior portraits beginning at only $350. This is a very affordable price in Seattle.

When should senior pictures be taken?
First, you should determine the deadline for your high school yearbook senior portraits. Second, work with your photographer to pick a location based on your personal style. If you want colorful spring photos, you should schedule your senior portrait session in May through July. Some high school seniors prefer fall colors and autumn leaves in their graduation portraits. If so, we'll help you pick the best place for autumn senior portraits in Seattle. We'll schedule your session for September through November. The turnaround time for editing your senior portraits is about 2 weeks. In most cases, the editing time won't be an issue to meet your school's deadline. The most important part is picking the best place for your photo session! 

Do parents go to senior pictures?
They sometimes do! It's a personal choice. At Sound Originals, we'd estimate about half of parents join their son or daughter at their senior portrait session. We welcome parents and would love to involve them.

How many senior pictures should I order?
Your high school yearbook will probably require one photo with a specific set of dimensions and resolution. Beyond that, it's completely up to each family how many senior pictures to order. Sound Originals partners with some of the best print labs in the country. We offer fantastic quality prints, albums, wall art, canvasses, graduation announcements and more. 

Are senior pictures mandatory in most high schools?
It's certainly not mandatory to hire a professional Seattle senior portrait photographer. But it's always a terrific idea. Especially if you want awesome senior photos to impress your friends and remember your senior year with pride for generations to come. According to Quora, senior pictures aren't mandatory at many high schools.

How do you take good senior pictures?
Step one. Hire a professional photographer with experience taking senior photography in Seattle. Step two. Prepare for your session. Pick the right location. Work with your senior portrait photographer to pick the right outfit or outfits. Step three. Relax and be yourself. Your senior pictures will look better if you're natural and authentic. We specialize in helping seniors feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera. The popular photography blog LooksLikeFilm offers suggestions to take good senior pictures.

How should men pose for senior pictures?
This is a great question! We love the advice from Shootproof, which is a professional photography internet service to host images. In their article, they give some helpful times for natural and authentic poses for guys. The key is to be yourself. Focus your portrait session around your hobbies, passions or interests. If you love football, take your senior portraits at a Seattle football field. If you love music, let's do your Seattle senior photos with an instrument. A prop can also help your portraits turn out more authentic.

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