San Francisco Documentary Wedding Photographer

San Francisco Wedding Photographer

We’re thrilled you’re considering a San Francisco documentary wedding photographer. You might want to know what it means to be a documentary photographer. In the Bay Area, a San Francisco documentary wedding photographer specializes in these areas:

  • Candid Pictures
  • Photojournalistic Style
  • Documentary Approach
  • Natural Moments
  • Authentic Emotions

Sound Originals is the best San Francisco wedding photographer. As a result, our team is the highest-rated documentary wedding photographer in San Francisco. We photograph weddings in Northern California and Southern California, including the Bay Area.

Documentary Style Wedding Photography

Couples love documentary style wedding photography. Your wedding photographer will focus on candid photos and natural moments. As a result, you’ll receive hundreds of wedding photos taken with a photojournalistic style. As your San Francisco wedding photographer, Sound Originals will help capture hundreds of pictures from getting ready to your grand exit.

Here are some examples of documentary style wedding photography.

This is a photograph from a wedding as the couple makes their grand exit. The groom’s emotions are pure! He is so thrilled to finally be married to his beautiful bride. As a documentary wedding photographer, we captured the couple’s natural emotions. This wedding picture shows an authentic moment. It’s candid storytelling.

In this photo, the San Francisco wedding photographer captures the couple laughing during a reception toast. Many guests make funny speeches during the wedding reception! As a result, it’s important to hire a documentary wedding photographer. Sound Originals captures the bride and groom crying as they listen to the maid of honor. This is an example of wedding photojournalism from John and Christine’s big day.

A San Francisco documentary wedding photographer took a picture of the bride hugging her mother. This was after the bride put on her wedding dress. As a result, her maid of honor is crying in the background. She is so excited to see the bride finally celebrating her marriage at Chateau Noland in California! Documentary style wedding photography captures real moments and natural emotions. This is not a posted wedding photo. As a result, couples love seeing the memories, tears, joy and laughter from their special day.

Many couples laugh and cry during the toasts at their wedding reception in the Bay Area. The bride is laughing so hard during this speech! The couple hired a wedding photography with a photojournalistic style. In other words, they hired a documentary wedding photographer who specializes in candid pictures for their wedding in San Francisco. The photographer took pictures of the couple’s real emotions.

The bridesmaids entered the reception with a special dance! The San Francisco wedding photographer used a zoom lens to take candid photos. As a result, the photos show a documentary style approach to wedding photography.

The bride and groom celebrated their marriage with their first kiss. It’s so exciting! You can see the couple’s parents and guests clapping and cheering in the ceremony venue. This photo was taken by a San Francisco wedding photographer in documentary style wedding photography. As a result, the photographer stood in the background to capture candid moments. Everyone is smiling!

A documentary wedding photographer in San Francisco must know how to use a zoom lens. As a result, the photographer can capture beautiful pictures of emotions and memories. This picture shows candid wedding photography of a ceremony. The bride is smiling and surprised. The groom is beaming. They are so thrilled to tie the knot!

San Francisco Wedding Photographer

Sound Originals is a San Francisco wedding photographer with a specialty in documentary style photography. Our team focuses on storytelling and candid photojournalism. You’ll get hundreds of pictures to remember all the special memories from your marriage.

Here are some examples of documentary photography from a San Francisco wedding photographer:

  • The bride crying when she sees the groom during the first look.
  • The groom’s reaction when his bride walks down the aisle.
  • The maid of honor laughing during a funny speech at the reception.
  • The couple trying to cut the cake during the wedding reception.

San Francisco Engagement Photographer

You can also take candid pictures during your engagement session with your San Francisco engagement photographer. Sound Originals specializes in engagement photography! Our team knows the best spots for engagement photos in San Francisco. We’ll help you pick the perfect place for engagement pictures to tell your story. You’ll love all the photo locations in the Bay Area!