Welcome to the ultimate guide to Seattle wedding photographers. I'm Dan Cassuto, Seattle wedding photographer, and head storyteller at Sound Originals. We've earned 5-star reviews from 100+ thrilled couples across Washington State and Oregon. Seattle Bride magazine picked us as official storyteller for the "Best of" awards. I'd love to chat about your special day.


Best Wedding Photographers in Seattle, WA

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We understand how tricky it feels to find the best wedding photographers in Seattle, WA. If you start your search by looking for the best photographer, you're looking for the WRONG thing.

Forget about finding the best. Instead, search for the RIGHT photographer for YOUR wedding.

It's all about appreciating how different photographers bring different styles, approaches and personalities to their craft. When you discover the photography style and artistic approach that matches your wedding vision, it's time to consider the photographer's experience, availability and... yes... price.

It's easy to make a long, long, long list of photographers in the Puget Sound region. The Knot lists more than 900 photographers in Western Washington serving couples from Olympia, Tacoma and north to Bellingham.

We prepared this guide to help you appreciate the value of investing in a professional, experienced and highly-rated wedding photographer.
We hope you'll consider us. There's a reason Sound Originals earned the endorsement of 100+ thrilled couples across the Pacific Northwest.  We also recognize we're not the right match for every couple. And that's OK! Hopefully you'll use this guide to find the perfect photographer to create the images you've always dreamed of.

Narrow down your list using these factors: Wedding Photography Style, Artistic Approach, Personality, Experience,  Price, Reviews and Ratings, and Availability on Your Wedding Date!

Wedding photography from Golf Club at Newcastle in Renton, Washington.

Wedding photography from Roche Harbor Resort on the San Juan Islands

Best Seattle Wedding Photographers

"My husband and I are so happy that we worked with Dan and his team for our wedding photos and videography. We 100% recommend Sound Originals. We will treasure our photos and film for years to come. The entire process from beginning to end was excellent. He always replied super quickly, and went out of his way to get us what we wanted.  I had no idea planning my tiny wedding would be so stressful, and working with Sound Originals was one of the least stressful aspects of the whole experience. And then afterwards, he got the finished product out SO quickly!! Just a few days after our ceremony, our family was able to watch a professional-quality video of our ceremony. In mere weeks we had our photos and then the film, and this timeline just blew me away. In addition to being just beautiful works of art in general, it really comes across, especially in the wedding film, that he got a sense of who we are as a couple, and incorporated that feel into the final product. Thank you Dan and Sound Originals for immortalizing our special day!!"

~ Jen + Brandon
Monroe, Washington

100+ Excellent Reviews

The Kelley Farm, Bonney Lake, Washington. Photo & Video by Sound Originals. Rustic barn venue with meadows, forests and expansive views.

The cost to hire a wedding photographer in Seattle varies. A LOT.

If you're like most couples, you have a set wedding budget, possibly with some wiggle room. You probably want to prioritize where you spend your money to get the most value considering you'll also need to budget for your venue, DJ, decor, catering and other vendors.

Couples say they're surprised that wedding photography prices fluctuate so much. After all, aren't photographers providing a very similar service? Yes and no. Many PNW wedding photographers are full-time professionals. Others consider it a side hustle or hobby, a way to earn extra income.

Prices will typically be higher for full-time photographers who rely on weddings to earn a living. This is a good thing. A full-time professional takes your wedding seriously. They have to. Their business, reputation and livelihood are on the line. They pay taxes. They have insurance. They follow the law. A hobbyist may take pretty pictures. And they may be great, but they also may not be.

Wedding photographer prices reflect local costs of living within the larger Puget Sound region. You might find value by hiring a photographer who lives and works primarily in a local region that's less expensive. For instance, the average cost to live in Bellingham is less than in Kirkland.  Couples often say that wedding photographer prices on the Kitsap and Olympic Peninsulas, and the Olympia area, tend to be lower than the Seattle-Bellevue-Kirkland area.

Picking a top wedding photographer is sort of like buying a car. Why? You can find photographers with a wide range of prices, styles, quality and reliability. Same with cars. There's a big difference between a Jaguar and a Kia, a Toyota and a Ferrari. There's an even bigger gap in quality and reliability between a new Volvo and a $500 clunker you bought from Craigslist. Even with all the differences, most cars still perform the same function. They transport you from place to place. The same principle applies when evaluating the prices of Seattle wedding photographers. Most photographers can take pictures, just like most cars can transport you. But that's where the similarity ends.  If you were embarking on the most important road trip of your life, would you buy the 25-year-old rusty used car with 264,280 miles from the stranger who posted an online classified ad? Probably not. The car might break down. It might be awfully uncomfortable, noisy and dirty. It might be unsafe. The steering wheel might snap off in the middle of your adventure. Sure, you'd save a bunch of money, but you might not make it to your destination.

Seattle wedding photographer prices reflect their quality, reliability and experience.

Couples  sometimes overlook the importance of reliability. You can trust seasoned wedding photographers with great reviews. They'll show up. Their cameras work. They'll deliver your images in a timely fashion. That's how we earn a living - capturing memories for couples on the most important day of their lives. At Sound Originals, wedding photography makes up the bulk of our income. It goes without saying that trust is everything. Trust is worth every penny!

Seattle Wedding Photographer Prices

Picking a wedding photographer is a big decision. Choose a team you can trust. Sound Originals is known for unmatched service, quality and satisfaction.


Your special day deserves beautiful storytelling.

Affordable Seattle Wedding Photographers

Our friends at Seattle Bride magazine wrote an article several years ago with their suggestions for wedding photographers, "A Moment in Time: 10 Photographers You Can Trust To Capture Your Big Day." We used the magazine's guide to compare pricing options for the photographers with investment costs posted on their websites. (Sound Originals was honored to be Official Storyteller for Seattle Bride's Best of 2020 Awards.)

Sound Originals photography pricing begins at $3000 for 8 hours of coverage. Please click here to view our pricing and package options for photography, videography and photo + video packages.

Are you searching for an affordable Seattle wedding photographer under $2000? Click here for some ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every wedding photographer in Seattle will cost something different. Prices for wedding photography vary based on experience, skill and demand. Experienced wedding photographers in Seattle will cost more money than newer photographers. The typical range for a professional photographer in Seattle and surrounding areas will be $2000 to $8000 for a full day of wedding coverage.

How much does a wedding photographer cost in Seattle?

It's difficult to give a reasonable price for a wedding photographer in Seattle. Wedding vendors caution against words like "reasonable" and "affordable," because they mean such different things to different couples. Based on our experience with PNW weddings and hundreds of wedding budgets, we think the "average" or "typical" rate for a trustworthy, reliable and experienced Seattle wedding photographer is in the $2000 to $8000 range. WeddingWire's guide says the U.S. average photography investment hovers near $2500. Yes, you can find photographers who charge less (and more)! This is only a range - a baseline - where most PNW couples who value experience and quality seem to end up.

What is a reasonable price for a wedding photographer?

Most couples should get one or two wedding photograpgers. Here are some important questions to ask yourself when deciding how many wedding photographers you should get. Are you having a first look? How important is it to capture your partner's expression when he sees you for the first time? How important is it to capture a lot of getting ready moments for the groom and his groomsmen? Do you generally have simultaneous events happening that you want photographed? We suggest two wedding photographers when a couple really wants to capture a large amount of candid moments that happen at the same time. For example, one photographer takes a picture of the bride walking down the aisle with another photographer takes a picture of the groom's reaction and face when he sees his bride for the first time in her white dress. This moment happens at the same time. One photographer can't adeuqately document both partners at the exact same time. If this moment is especially important, you might want to consider getting two photographers for your celebration.

How many wedding photographers should I get?

Some of the best wedding photographers in Seattle only accept bookings for 6, 8 or 10 hours minimum of popular summer wedding dates. You could calculate the hourly rate, but this would be misleading, since you can't actually hire them by the hour. Package prices also includes so much more work after the wedding that's built into the price.

How much does a wedding photographer charge per hour?

Wedding photography packages include a variety of services and products. Photographers provide many other services in addition to taking pictures on your wedding day. These are usually built into the cost of the package, collection or hourly rate.

- Planning and consultation
- Visits to the venue ahead of time
- Preparing equipment and charging batteries
- Taking pictures on your wedding day
- Backing up photos
- Browsing, selecting and sorting the best images 
- Editing, color-correction, stylization and post-processing of hundreds of images
- Uploading the best 500-1000+ edited images into online galleries

When you calculate all the extra hours a photographer spends for each wedding, they're working 20 to 40 hours! That's even when they were only physically present on your special day for 8 hours. So, asking what a wedding photographer charges per hour is somewhat misleading. It doesn't give the whole picture. Sound Originals offers a-la-carte photography packages. You can hire us by the hour. Rates begin at $500. (And, yes, this includes all the editing, color correction and processing of your images.)

What is included in most wedding photography packages?

 It never hurts to ask if you can negotiate with wedding photographers. For example, some Seattle wedding photographers offer discounts for bookings in the fall or winter. Many photographers also have associates, or trainees, who charge less. Plus, if a wedding photographer is not booked on your date, maybe they'll give you a discount or an affordable rate. 

Can you negotiate with wedding photographers?

Six hours of wedding photography coverage might be enough if you're willing to give up photos of some key events, like getting ready or a grand sparkler exit. 99 percent of couples who choose Sound Originals to capture their special day book our 8-hour photo package. Some couples decide later to add extra hours at the end of the day to capture toasts, first dances, the father-daughter dance, open dancing, partying or a send-off with a sparkler or limo. We usually suggest the photographer should arrive one hour before the bride plans to get into her dress. This gives the photographer enough time to take pictures of the bride and bridesmaids getting ready, along with detail and decor shots of the robes, veil, dress, rings, invitations, stationery, suits, ties, shoes and other special or heirloom items.

Is 6 hours of wedding photography coverage enough? 

Traditionally, the bride's family pays for the photographer at weddings. The groom's family pays for the flowers and the alcohol. The bride's family pays for the rest. Times are changing and so are wedding bills! Even Martha Stewart agrees! To be fair, we don't really know who usually foots the bill for our photography packages. Most couples pay by credit card. Some couples open a credit card or checking account dedicated to their wedding expenses so they can rack up airline mileage or credit card points! It's possible that the parents of the bride or groom or partner could transfer money into various accounts or write a check back to the couple, so the couple can pay for our actual services on their own credit card.

Who pays for the photographer at weddings?

Sound Originals has no limit on how many photos a wedding photographer will give their client. We believe your wedding photos tell your story. Our team will take thousands of photos from start to finish. We'll edit them to perfect so every image is perfect and ready to share and print. In general, most wedding photographers give their clients about 100 edited images for every hour of photography coverage. That's not a rule or a limit, but rather, it's a guideline.

How many photos should a wedding photographer give their client?

If your wedding photography budget is especially tight, here's an idea - add some of the services to your registry! Your loved ones might enjoy paying for something as special and important as photography. It would be a gift that lasts forever. You might also consider adding photography add-ons to your gift registry, such as heirloom wedding albums, wall art, canvasses or premium options like engagement sessions or elopement videos. This way, your family still pays for the basic photography package but you give your family and friends the opportunity to gift you the extras you otherwise couldn't afford. Hey, wouldn't you rather have a deluxe wedding album designed in Italy versus a toaster? 

Click here to read more questions people ask wedding photographers.

How can we save money on wedding photography?

Wedding Photography Packages

Here are popular services and deliverables from PNW wedding photographers.

- Telephone or virtual consultation meeting
- Wedding day timeline advice
- Wedding day portrait photography suggestions
- Engagement session
- 6, 8, 10 or 12 hours of wedding day photography coverage
- Editing and color-correction of photos
- Professional back-up of photos
- Sneak preview the day after your wedding
- Gallery of images optimized for social media sharing
- Fully edited images
- Print release / printing rights
- Online gallery to share photos with family and friends
- Downloadable images in high resolution
- Commemorative USB hard drive in decorative wooden box
- Fine art prints
- Canvasses, wall art, metal prints, picture frames, posters, physical products
- Heirloom album
- Parents or grandparents album
- Guestbook album with engagement photos

We invite you to check out our pricing options! Sound Originals offers wedding photography and videography, available together or separately. Photography begins at $3000, which includes 8 hours of coverge, digital images, full printing rights and a private online gallery. We also offer photography by the hour for $500 per hour.


Almost every engaged couple has heard of The Knot. Photographers pay to be listed. The real value here are the reviews from real couples.

01. Sound Originals Photo & Video (108 reviews / 5.0 rating)
02. Stefan & Audrey (80 reviews / 5.0 rating)
03. ElevenEleven Films (49 reviews / 5.0 rating)
04. Savanna Marlee Photography (45 reviews / 5.0 rating)


Photographers have to apply and pay to be listed by Junebug. The editors are selective. They won't even consider photographers who don't pay for memberships and substantial monthly advertising dues.

01. Jonas Seaman Photography
02. Ryan Flynn Photography
03. Lukas Korynta Photography
04. Chelsea Abril Photography
05. Bri McDaniel Photography


We suspect uses an automated bot or algorithm to put together its list. Some of the photographers here are wonderful. The reason we're cautious is because Expertise has this exact same formula in cities across the country for a huge number of professions. In other words, it's kind of like a glorified Yellow Pages. It could still be a good resource for couples who want to check out dozens of websites and portfolios for great wedding photographers in the Puget Sound region. 


We suspect uses an automated bot or algorithm to put together its list. Some of the photographers here are wonderful. The reason we're cautious is because Expertise has this exact same formula in cities across the country for a huge number of professions. In other words, it's kind of like a glorified Yellow Pages. It could still be a good resource for couples who want to check out dozens of websites and portfolios for great wedding photographers in the Puget Sound region. 

Important Pictures On Your Wedding Day


Venue, scenery, nature and landscape shots
Ceremony location, chairs, arch and flowers
Bride's dress, rings, shoes, jewelry
Hand-written vows or letters
Family heirlooms
Groom's suit, shoes, cufflinks, tie, bowtie, watch, rings
Invitations, stationery, envelopes with stamps
Newspaper with the couple's wedding date
Detail shots of the rings, earrings and other special items
Bridal bouquet and flowers
Cake, desserts, buffet, place settings, menu, tables
Reception decor and design
Welcome signs, gift baskets, favors


Bride and bridesmaids getting ready, hair, makeup
Bridesmaids in robes
Bride putting on dress, shoes and jewelry
Bridal portraits
Groom getting ready with help from groomsmen
Groom putting on tie, bowtie, shoes, cufflinks
First look (if you're having one)


Guests arriving at ceremony site
Wedding party's entrance and processional
Flower girl walking down the aisle
Groom anticipating the bride's entrance
Bride's entrance and procession down the aisle
Father giving away the bride to the groom
Vows, readings and ring exchange
The kiss!
The presentation!


Couple's grand entrance
First dance
Father and daughter dance
Mother and son dance
Cake cutting
Open dancing and partying
Bouquet toss
Sendoff and grand exit with sparklers
Couple leaves in limo or fancy car

Washington Wedding Photographers

As a top Washington wedding photographer, we've been hired to take pictures at weddings across Washington State. Our team is experienced in all types of venues and settings. We routinely work in the Seattle, Tacoma and Bellingham areas, as well as in Eastern Washington near Leavenworth and Wenatchee. Be sure to check out our guide to the best outdoor wedding venues in Washington!

alki beach




port angeles



bonney lake




seattle waterfront

lake union


san juan islands




snoqualmie falls

crystal mountain

olympic national park

Seattle Outdoor Wedding Photographer

The Pacific Northwest is blessed with wonderful scenery for outdoor weddings. As a top Seattle outdoor wedding photographer, we love capturing heartfelt memories outside. Our team understands lighting and composition mixed with the greens, browns and blues of Seattle outdoor wedding venues. From barns to farms, gardens to greenhouses, we will take gorgeous pictures from your outdoor wedding!

Seattle Engagement Photographer

Celebrating your engagement with gorgeous pictures is a wonderful decision. As the top rated Seattle engagement photographer, we'd love to tell your story with images you'll cherish. You'll love our planning process. We'll help you pick the perfect location for your photo session. Our engagement photographers know the best parks, beaches, meadows, forests and urban settings for truly stunning and romantic engagement portraits. Prefer to venture to the mountains or national parks? We can help with that too!

Seattle Wedding Photographers Candid

When you hire a professional photographer for your wedding, you probably want an artist who can capture the joy and emotions from your family and friends. We specialize in candid wedding photography. Seattle wedding photographers who take candid pictures understand how to capture moments, interactions and spontaneous images. We like the term flattering candids, because we know you want to look your best. Candid wedding photography in Seattle is often referred to as a photojournalistic approach. Your wedding photographer is relying on his or her skill as an artist to document events, not create posed images that look rehearsed. 

Seattle Wedding Videographer

Sound Originals is proud to be recognized as the best Seattle wedding videographer. Photographs from your special day are wonderful. But nothing tells your story like cinematic video. Couples say not hiring a videographer is one of their biggest regrets. Our team of Seattle wedding videographers tells stories through moments. Tears, hugs, laugher. We record your ceremony and toasts with high-quality pristine audio. Check out our wedding videography portfolio!

PNW Wedding Photographers

Couples have so many choices for PNW wedding photographers.  We understand how overwhelming it can be. After all, you're planning one of the most important days of your life. You want a creative artist you can trust to document your once-in-a-lifetime memories. Sound Originals is proud to be recognized among the best PNW wedding photographers. We know the area. We know the weather. We know how to use light, direction and composition to create gorgeous pictures you'll cherish forever.

Tacoma Wedding Photographers

We love photographing weddings across the South Sound! Sound Originals is recognized as one of the top wedding photographers in Tacoma, Washington. We've taken pictures at many wedding venues in the Tacoma area, including Bonney Lake and Puyallup. We also recently took pictures at the gorgeous wedding of Madeline and Ryan at the Silver Cloud Point Ruston, just a few minutes from Downtown Tacoma. Tacoma wedding photographers love taking trips to Mount Rainier for engagement photos and elopements. It's only a two-hour drive to Mt. Rainier. That's where we captured Sissi and Billy's engagement photos!

Portland Wedding Photographer

Our team is also the top Portland wedding photographer. Sound Originals is based in Seattle, Portland and Spokane. As a result, there are no travel fees to any of these cities. We love photographing weddings in Portland, Oregon. We're also a huge fan of the different spots for great engagement photos in Oregon, including Mount Hood and Cannon Beach engagements.

San Francisco Wedding Photographers

We're thrilled to tell you about our fantastic team of San Francisco wedding photographers. You'll love the gorgeous venues in the Bay Area. If you're considering an engagement, elopement or wedding in California, don't miss our guide to the best wedding photographers in the Bay Area.




"Absolutely beautiful. I can't stop admiring the images!"

JM Cellars

Private Residence

rebekah & john


"Beautiful works of art. The entire process was excellent."

"Beautiful, Purposeful, Amazing!"

Cassie & jowell

Edgewater Hotel

jonica + kel

University of Washington

"We will treasure these photos forever. So thrilled!"

Lincoln Park

jen + brandon

"Captured the Magic!"