How to Pick the Right Photo Editing Style

Ideas & Inspiration

We’re one of the only wedding photography studios in the country that specializes in three unique editing styles. Many couples immediately feel a connection to one style over the other.

The Rustic Collection is deep, dark and bold. It’s known as the “dark and moody” photo editing style.

The Emerald Collection is bright, vivid and airy. It’s known as the “light and airy” photo editing style.

The Timeless Collection is authentic and true to life. The colors will be very similar to “real life” colors.

But what happens if you’re torn… and love all three?

We hope this helps you understand the differences between our Emerald and Rustic Collections.

Examples of Emerald versus Rustic editing techniques on the exact same photo

The Rustic Collection looks great with brick walls, steel beams, exposed wood, urban settings, industrial interiors and other warm tones.

The Emerald Collection was designed for garden, outdoor and bright environments. It’s known as the “light and airy” editing style, which resembles its roots as a film look. The Rustic style will look fantastic in outdoor settings, although you’ll get a darker, bolder and deeper feeling to the images.

In some settings, the Emerald and Rustic Collection can look fairly similar. When the light outside is cloudy or moodier, even the Emerald Collection style will resembles darker, moodier and bolder colors. There’s still no question that the Rustic Collection emphasizes those darker hues. It really brings out the reds and browns in the surrounding buildings!