Engagement Photo Trends and Pose Ideas

Ideas & Inspiration

Getting engaged is one of the most iconic chapters of your life, and as such, it should be commemorated with a gorgeous session. Engagement photos showcase the beauty of your personality and story while your emotions are being translated into stunning pictures.

However, we are not talking about cliches and cheesy poses, we are talking about unleashing your true nature where you can be authentic, playful, and embody unique romance! Take a look at these engagement photo trends along with several pose ideas to inspire your senses.

Natural and candid shots

One of the best engagement photo trends is being completely candid and natural. There is nothing like throwing stiffness in the air and embodying your true nature. When it comes to pose ideas, anything is acceptable – from chasing one another and dancing to sharing a passionate kiss or embrace. Let yourself be guided by the moment and your emotions. This is something that will forever be both trendy and timeless. And what is a better keepsake than a portrayal of your candid romance?

Incorporate nature and landscapes

Lovers of nature and the great outdoors? Don’t be afraid to incorporate such landscapes and scenic spots in your photos. Take a walk in woodland areas, among wildflowers, pick a national park, go by the ocean or a lake – whatever describes and complements your love story. Remember, any pose will be natural if you are in a place where you feel like yourselves. We love this photo from an engagement session at Cannon Beach, Oregon!

Iconic city backdrops

We didn’t forget about our city dwellers! Choose a monumental backdrop that is a beautiful landmark for your backdrop. Whether it is the Golden Gate Bridge, or simply the skyline of your city, it will be a wonderful prop to adorn your engagement photos. To take it up a notch in the urban sense, you can choose an industrial contemporary spot, mural backdrop, or maybe a rooftop for your intimate portraits. Jerri and Louie picked a riverfront session in downtown Portland, Oregon.

Do something you both love

Do you share a hobby? An activity you love doing together? Even spending time in your favorite coffee shop fits the frame! Whether it is hiking, sailing, paddling, or simply having long walks; choose something you both enjoy. When you share your passions, your genuine emotions will radiate most beautifully. Ronni and Mason invited us to Leavenworth, Washington for an engagement session with their dog!

Pop a bottle of champagne and celebrate

When it comes to using various props that create some of the most candid reactions and pose ideas, popping a bottle of bubbly is a trend whose popularity is rising. Let it be messy as it pops and raise a toast to your new chapter. Delaney and Evan celebrated their engagement with champagne on the Oregon Coast!

mount rainier engagement photos

Destination engagement session

More and more modern couples love the idea of having their session away from their local city, even in another country. Book a flight and have your engagement photos somewhere special, unique, and unexpected! Sissi and Billy didn’t quite travel outside the United States. But it sure felt like it! This photo is from their engagement session at Mount Rainier National Park.

Sunrise, sunset, and blue hour

One of the best engagement photo trends is choosing the lighting to set the mood of your photos. If you wish to avoid crowds (depending on the location), it is an amazing idea to choose sunrise. The golden glow is perfect, almost as good as the sunset golden hour. As for sunsets, some of the pose ideas that you can incorporate are silhouette photos, using the golden glow with close-ups, and passionate or romantic poses (which are also amazing for the blue hour).

We hope we got your creative juices flowing with these engagement photo trends. If you wish us to capture your love and create pictures that are a reflection of your unique personality as a couple – reach out to us!


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