Wildwood Trail Engagement // Austin + Morgan


We had so much fun being a part Austin and Morgan’s Wildwood Trail engagement! This scenic trail in Portland, OR, is an incredible location choice for capturing stunning engagement photos.

The Wildwood Trail in Oregon is 30.2 miles long, making it America’s largest forested urban trail. This trail stretches through multiple parks including the Hoyt Arboretum. Within the Hoyt Arboretum, is the Redwood Deck, a beautiful spot where you can pause to appreciate the enchanting forest in every direction. The Redwood Deck is known for being an excellent spot for taking photos, and that is exactly what Austin and Morgan did! As you scroll through their gallery below, keep an eye out for their images on the Redwood Deck, where they share a few sweet moments together. Some of our favorite images from their engagement session include their champagne toast, and when the couple created a unique and creative effect in their images by each holding on to a colorful smoke bomb. These elements made Austin and Morgan’s engagement session so much fun!

We love when couples choose an enchanting forest for their engagement session or wedding day because the opportunties for gorgeous images are endless! Along the West Coast, we are so foruntae to have many lush forests and national parks within a close proximity. Check out the forest engagements page on our website to discover many other beautiful forests along the West Coast that are perfect for your next photoshoot!

Wildwood Trail Engagement Photos

Wildwood Trail Map

Since Wildwood Trail stretches over 30 miles and winds through multiple parks, it is a good idea to have a map of this trail handy! You can access a trail map in the Alltrails article titled Best Trails in Wildwood Park. Other information that is provided in this article is frequently asked questions, reviews, recommendations for other parks, and information about elevation. Exploring some of the national parks and woodsy trails located along the West Coast is such a fun adventure and a truly beautiful experience! It is important to always keep safety in mind when planning your next adventure. It’s a good idea to always travel with a buddy, and to let other people know what your plan is. Bringing a map with you can also be helpful because cell service is often limited in forests.

Stone Circle Hoyt Arboretum

The Stone Circle in Hoyt Arboretum is s beautiful stone alcove that is tucked away on the Bristlecone Pine Trail. This is a popular wedding site, as the Stone Circle can be reserved for two hour time blocks. Couples love this location because of it’s charming structure, and the gorgeous green surroundings. This is a true fairtytale location! The maximum capacity for this location is 40 standing or 6 seated. As a result, this location is most ideal for very intimate weddings and elopements. It would also be an excellent location to stop by during an engagement session. At Sound Originals, we love capturing all celebrations whether big or small. If you are considering planning an elopement, you have to check out the elopements page on our website!

Wedding Meadow

Wedding Meadow is another wedding site within the Hoyt Arboretum. It is a peaceful and grassy setting surrounded by stately trees and snowberry shrubs. The exact location of Wedding Meadow is at the junction where the Spruce and Fir trails meet. The Wedding Medow can be rented, along with the Redwood Deck which is a great spot for mingling with guests. If you rent out these spots, it is important to remember that the trails aren’t closed off to visitors, so if you are seeking a more private event space, you might want to consider other options. There is no electricity, water, or restrooms at Wedding Meadow. As a result, this gorgeous location is most ideal for a ceremony rather than a reception.


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