St. John’s Cathedral Park Engagement // Eva + Aaron


We are so happy to share Eva and Aaron’s scenic St. John’s Cathedral Park Engagement photos with you.  

Eva and Aaron picked a special urban backdrop in Portland, OR for their engagement pictures. St John’s Cathedral Park is one of the City of Portland’s parks, managed through their parks and recreation department. There are several nature patches in this park that benefit the area’s local plant pollinators. At different times of year, you can be among the blooms of native plants and ornamental ones. Not only does St. John’s Cathedral Park have these natural garden spaces, but this park is also known for the St. John’s bridge. The bridge spans the Willamette River and is highly recognizable by its massive gothic arches. Eva and Aaron posed beneath those infamous arches under the bridge to create a dramatic look for some of their pictures. 

Eva and Aaron wore complimentary colors in the outfits they chose. Eva wore a flowing seafoam green dress, paired with strappy sandals. Aaron wore dark jeans, navy shoes, and a grey sweater. He spun Eva around so that her long dress twirled in a spin, which added some dynamic movement to their pictures. We want our couples to have options, so we encourage them to have layers and multiple looks for the day of our engagement shoot. For their second look, Eva wore a forest green dress and Aaron wore a soft blue collared button down shirt. Sitting on some park stairs, the two leaned in for a kiss. 

We love to capture detail shots, like Eva’s sparkling engagement ring. An outdoor engagement photoshoot allows for a lot of opportunity to play around with the natural sunlight and capture sun flare and reflected light. An outdoor setting also allows for a lot of space to move though. Compared to studio photoshoots, an outdoor photography session can look less staged and more organic as a couple interacts with the environment around them. Our team at Sound Originals really enjoyed our time spent with Eva and Aaron at St. John’s Cathedral Park. We are so thankful to have been a part of Eva & Aaron’s engagement announcement. Please enjoy their photos!

St. John’s Cathedral Park Engagement Photos

Engagement Photos Ideas

Our team at Sound Originals loves to capture engagements. We are happy to help guide a couple throughout their photoshoot. Every engagement shoot is unique! Sometimes a couple is already engaged and just looking to capture photos for their announcements and invitations. Other times, we are contacted to capture a surprise proposal. It requires a special skill set to be a stealthy photographer and we take pride in being able to capture those first moments of shock, surprise, glee, and tenderness. The Brides website has helpful suggestions on how to choose the location, colors, props, and timing for your engagement photos. A couple might wish to revisit the location of their first date, get cozy at their favorite shared spot, or adventure somewhere new to capture the relaxation that can only come with a vacation destination. If you’re a visual person, maybe you’d just like to browse a gallery to gather inspiration. Pinterest is a popular online destination for visuals, and you can create an account to compile your very own engagement photo ideas vision board!

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The Brides website really knows their stuff when it comes to all things engagement photos. Their article has so many helpful tips on how to style your look for your engagement photos. Some of the things they suggest are choosing classic pieces over trendy ones, dressing for the season and climate you’re in, and choosing at least one accessory. For the utmost comfort, they suggest that you wear clothes that you feel like you in. If you are not comfortable in what you’re wearing, that could reflect in your photos. They also caution against couples wearing matching outfits, and instead, they suggest going for complimentary colors in your outfits. One of the ways they suggest complimenting each other’s outfits, is by tying everything together with a color scheme. And when you’re struggling to choose between two outfits, choose both! They highly recommend wearing two outfits for the entire shoot, but no more than that; the focus should be on the couple and not the clothes. If you’re still feeling stuck for outfit inspiration, check out this Pinterest gallery.

Engagement Photographers

We have Emmy award winning storytellers on our photographer team. At Sound Originals we boast a trustworthy team and hold a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We pride ourselves on being prompt and clear communicators and we deliver quality work every time. On our site you can visit the photo galleries of other couples and see their testimonials of their experience in working with us. While we have had hundreds of people apply to be a part of our photography and videography team, we only accept the best of the best in the industry. Meaning we only accept about 1% of applicants to our team. Every team member has been trained as a Certified Storyteller. This certification program was developed by our owner, Dan Cassuto, who is a five-time Emmy award winner himself. If you are interested in booking someone from our team, you can contact us here. Our contact page also features our frequently asked questions section which can help potential clients learn more about us and our policies.


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