Seattle Rhododendron Garden Engagement // Samantha + Kiah

Seattle Rhododendron Garden Engagement


We loved this gorgeous Seattle Rhododendron Garden Engagement.

This photoshoot location was perfect for our beautiful couple. It is a 22-acre woodland garden located right between Seattle and Tacoma. The garden features a variety of Rhododendron flower species. They create a dreamlike photo scenery! There are many spot options that make it Seattle photographers’ favorite.

To start our Seattle Rhododendron Garden Engagement, we captured the couple’s engagement rings! They brilliantly shined in the light. The flowers added an airy, dreamy touch. We wandered among the flower bushes, taking candid walking shots and stopping for a few poses. Next, we found a bench surrounded by the blooming Rhododendrons. It made an ideal engagement photo spot! The park’s bridge is nicely placed under geometric branch arches for beautifully composed photos. We passed the bridge and made our way to another spectacular flower scenery.

Rhododendron Garden Fall Festival

This garden stays beautiful all year round. This makes it a perfect spot for engagement photos during any season. During the fall you can join their Fall Foliage Festival. The admission is free! They sell garden plants at half-price, food, fall drinks, and offer garden tours. This would give you the opportunity to see the location before schedule your fall engagement! The Seattle Times highlights this event as a loud celebration of all the colors and senses of the season.

Rhododendron Garden Portland

If Seattle is a reach location for you, the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden is just as lovely. They are a smaller 9.5 acre property. But just like the Seattle Garden they offer a large species of flowers. They also have companion plants and unusual trees. You can enjoy this dreamy garden location for your engagement even in Portland, Oregon. TravelPortland.com mentions it is one of the best Portland attractions. Check out the Southeast Portland park to visit the Portland Rhododendron Garden.


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