Pier 7 Engagement //  Julie + Jesse


Julie and Jesse’s Pier 7 engagement photoshoot was exquisite to say the least! We headed to the pier just in time to get some gorgeous golden hour shots. If you want romantic and beautiful pictures for your engagement photoshoot, ask your photographer for a sunset-friendly location. There’s nothing like it. Our professional photographer loved the contrast at Pier 7 between the natural blue waters and nautical elements in front, with the city skyline in the background. We had the past, present, and future all come beautifully together in the photographs. 

The Transamerica Pyramid served as a dramatic backdrop for the photographs. Julie and Jesse walked together towards the front of the pier, while our photographers followed, capturing beautiful portraits against the structure.

Walking ahead, we got the real essence of San Francisco with the couple overlooking the Bay and the San Francisco Belle. The Belle’s grandeur evokes a real sense of Mark Twain and riverboats cruising down the Mississippi River. The crown jewel of the Bay Area is known to be the largest dining vessel on the West Coast and is a tourist favorite.

If you’re from San Fransisco or just love the Bay Area vibe, consider Pier 7 for your engagement photoshoot. If you want to see more beautiful engagement session locations, visit the engagements page on our website.

Pier 7 Engagement Photos

Pier 7 Photos

The pier in San Francisco is the perfect location for an engagement photo session. The picturesque pier offers stunning views of the Bay Bridge, the San Francisco skyline, and the surrounding waterfront. These elements make for a breathtaking backdrop for your photos. With its unique location, Pier 7 is often less crowded than other popular photo spots in the city. This ensures that you can capture intimate moments without distractions.

Additionally, the pier’s long and narrow structure provides ample opportunities for creative compositions and poses. Pier 7 is sure to provide a memorable and romantic setting for your engagement photos.

If you’re toying with the idea of having a shoot at the pier, you’ll love Christina and John’s engagement photos.

San Francisco Engagement Photographers

When it comes to capturing the essence of San Francisco in your engagement photos, choose a local photographer. These professionals possess an intimate knowledge of the city’s hidden gems and iconic landmarks that perfectly encapsulate its unique charm. Their familiarity with the local weather, lighting conditions, and seasonal changes ensures that your photos will be beautifully crafted, reflecting the true spirit of the city.

Moreover, local photographers often have established connections and recommendations for other vendors, creating a seamless and stress-free experience for your engagement shoot. Trust your special moments to a Sound Originals San Francisco-based photographer for stunning, authentic, and personalized photos that will forever capture your love.


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