Mount Rainier National Park Engagement // Sissi + Billy

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We are so thrilled to share Sissi and Billy’s Mount Rainier National Park engagement! This couple loves hiking. We wanted to find a location to show off their love of the outdoors and Pacific Northwest adventure. But we didn’t actually want to go for a hike! That’s why we picked Mount Rainier National Park for Sissi and Billy’s summer engagement photography session. They will celebrate their wedding at Mountain View Manor in Enumclaw, Washington. Mountain View Manor boasts one of the best views of Mount Rainier for wedding venues in Washington!

It can be a challenge to find viewpoints with the full volcano on display in a Mount Rainier engagement. At the Paradise Visitor’s Center, the mountain is often too “close” for great engagement photography. From Seattle, Mount Rainier looks too “small” when positioned behind couples.

We met at sunset to take advantage of golden hour photography. Sissi looks beautiful in her summer dress, while Bily wore an elegant blazer.

Mount Rainier National Park Engagement Photos

Mount Rainier Wedding Permit

Couples often ask if they need a permit to get married at Mount Rainier National Park. Yes, you need a permit. The National Park Service says you need a special use permit to get married or hold a wedding at Mount Rainier. National Park rangers are very helpful. We’ve photographed and filmed weddings at national parks in the Pacific Northwest. Couples tell us the process was easy to get a wedding permit.

Mount Rainier Photography Locations

Where can we even start to name the best Mount Rainier photography locations? There are so many choices. The first decision is which entrance to use. Most couples select the Nisqually Entrance on the way to Paradise. The other popular option is Sunrise. They are not close to each other. As a result, you have to pick one. Both Sunrise and Paradise are 2 to 3 hours driving distance from Seattle.

Once you’re inside Mount Rainier National Park, you can easily find gorgeous photography locations for engagement pictures. You usually find the most stunning views at Paradise. As a result, couples enjoy wildflowers, meadows and mountain peaks. There are several waterfalls.

The official website for Mount Rainier tourism lists some of the popular Mount Rainier photography locations. This is a great resource for couples, as well as anyone who enjoys landscape or nature photography.

Mount Rainier National Park

Mount Rainier National Park is located in Washington state. The mountain is an active volcano. It towers 14,410 feet above sea level. Mt. Rainier National Park is maintained by the National Park Service. The park is open to visitors all year. However, you should plan the best time to visit depending on what activities you want to enjoy. The mountain is thousands of feet above sea level. As a result, expect lots of snow! The warm season is short and sweet. Most couples planning Mount Rainier engagements prefer spring and summer.

Here some resources to help plan your visit to Mount Rainier:

  • Official Website with operating hours and road status
  • Hotels and lodging at Mount Rainier National Park
  • Webcams to plan engagement photo times!

Getting Married in Mt. Rainier National Park

Yes, you can totally get married in Mount Rainier National Park! Who wouldn’t want to say “I do” at an active volcano? Be sure to plan ahead. You’ll need a permit for a ceremony. Work with a wedding photographer to pick the best season and location for your marriage. For example, as the best Seattle wedding photographers, we can help you decide where to take romantic couple portraits of your rings, dress, invitations and flowers.

Planning a mountain wedding? You can choose a wedding venue outside the national park, but still enjoy stunning mountain views. Your best choice is Crystal Mountain. Many couples tie the knot atop the famous gondola. Check out the resort’s wedding website to plan your marriage ceremony!

Mount Rainier Engagement Video

We are so thrilled to share Sissi and Billy’s Mount Rainier engagement video!

Olympic National Park Engagement

If you prefer ocean beaches and rainforests, maybe an Olympic National Park engagement fits your style. Sound Originals has photographed and filmed elopements, engagements and weddings at Olympic National Park and on the Olympic Peninsula. Be sure to check out our recent wedding here!

Mount Rainier Photoshoot

Rangers who live and work at Mt. Rainier have a terrific perspective on a Mount Rainier photoshoot. The official park website gives some ideas. We love the variety of the seasons. Snow in the winter. Glaciers in the fall. Wildflowers in the spring. Hiking trails in the summer. Wildlife year-round. Be sure to check out the stone bridges and waterfalls for a great photoshoot. The turquoise blue rivers and lakes are especially photogenic. Every Mount Rainier photoshoot should include Reflection Lake. The lake reflects the mountain when the water is calm. It’s amazing!

Mount Rainier National Park Elopement

These photos could be a good example of a Mount Rainier National Park elopement. You’re allowed to get married on public land within Mt. Rainier National Park. You’ll need a special use permit. We’re well-known as a Seattle elopement photographer. We’d love to help you discover great places to get married while enjoying scenic beauty!

Seattle Wedding Photographers

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