Lincoln Park Engagement // Sarah + Skyler


We’re excited to share Sarah and Skyler’s beautiful Lincoln Park Engagement shoot with you.

Located in Seattle, Washington’s West Seattle neighborhood, Lincoln Park boasts panoramic views of Puget Sound, rocky beaches, forested areas, meadows, and bluffs. It served as a stunning backdrop for Sarah and Skyler’s engagement shoot, with perfect lighting accentuating their smiles and laughter. The diverse landscape offered ample opportunities for creative photography.

Sarah and Skyler dressed for the Pacific Northwest fall. Sarah wore jeans, a taupe sweater, a scarf, and her engagement ring. Skyler opted for black jeans, a red sweater, and an army green bomber jacket. Long driftwood logs strewn Lincoln Park’s beaches. Hand in hand, Sarah posed atop a driftwood log. Considering Lincoln Park for an engagement shoot, couples should account for the terrain; heels would be challenging on trails and rocky beaches, so Sarah wore ankle boots. Our Sound Originals team is always ready for shoots in any setting, and we thoroughly enjoyed our session with Sarah and Skyler.

As Sarah and Skyler strolled through the forested areas of Lincoln Park, many birds could be heard. Lincoln Park is truly an urban sanctuary, and is a major migratory destination for a variety of bird species. Bald eagles, ravens, crows, and even owls are known inhabitants of the park. The Audubon Society has documented over sixty species of birds at Lincoln Park. While birds flew gracefully overhead, Sarah and Skyler stepped on fallen leaves across the forest floor. In one of the open meadows, Skyler dipped Sarah back for a kiss. We love to see how couples make their engagement photos uniquely their own. 

We honor telling the story of every couple. Please enjoy their photos!

Lincoln Park Engagement Photos

Lincoln Park Net Worth

Some people might confuse this Seattle Park, named Lincoln Park, with the American rock band Linkin Park. Back in 1922, the City of Seattle approved the acquisition of this beloved park. Originally, the Olmsted Brothers Landscape Architecture firm had recommended the park in 1908. The Olmsted Brothers firm had called the park the “Williams Point Park,” but the city of Seattle named the park “Fauntleroy Park” due to its location in the Fauntleroy neighborhood. The park eventually became Lincoln Park; authorities renamed it to honor President Abraham Lincoln. Trip Advisor reflects that Lincoln Park is number fifty-seven on this list of over four hundred things to do in Seattle. There are many reviews that speak to the magic of this park and how it feels so hidden. Access to Lincoln Park is free, including parking, making it an easily accessible destination.

Lincoln Park Instagram

The City of Seattle manages Lincoln Park’s main webpage, while enthusiasts maintain dedicated Instagram pages for the park. The Friends of Lincoln Park, a group of forest stewards, focus on forest restoration, ensuring its abundance and support for local ecosystems. You can search for #lincolnparkwestseattle on Instagram to see how others enjoy the park. There’s even a chance to spot sea lions, seals, or orca whales from the beachfront. The Whale Trail, a non-profit, educates the public on marine mammal sightings, with informational signage at Lincoln Park. Your next photoshoot here might feature a special oceanic guest in the background!

Lincoln Park Wedding

Lincoln Park is not one of the venues that the City of Seattle permits for wedding ceremonies. However, the City of Seattle does have rentable pavilions at Lincoln Park that can be booked for a picnic. If you want to have a low-key, outdoor reception, then this might be the right spot for you! One of their rentable pavilions even has a built-in fireplace and chimney, making this picnic area perfect on a cooler fall day. Lincoln Park accommodates a significant number of wedding guests with its picnic capacity ranging from 90 to 300 individuals. If your guest list is moderate in size, this capacity can easily accommodate them. The City of Seattle has provided a frequently asked questions document to help with your planning.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

Seattle Wedding Photographers is a team of photographers specializing in weddings and engagement ceremonies in Seattle and its surrounding areas. We work diligently to immortalize the memories of each couple’s special day. Every detail matters to us, and we strive to make each moment exceptional. By utilizing the beautiful landscapes and venues in Seattle and its vicinity, we endeavor to capture the happiest moments of couples and create lasting memories. With professionalism, sensitivity, and creativity, we do our utmost to bring each couple’s dream wedding photos to life.


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