Lewis & Clark University Engagement // Lauren + Xeilias


We are so excited to share Xeilias and Lauren’s romantic Lewis & Clark University engagement photos! Lewis and Clark Uniersity is a gorgeous choice for capturing engagement photos. It is located in Portland, Oregon, and has an enchanting campus. Lauren and Xeilias spent most of their engagement session next to The Reflecting Pool and for good reason – the reflecting pool is an magical location with a lovely backdrop of The Frank Manor House. The Frank Manor House is a historic structure first built in 1925. The property has been well maintained. Due to the charming details and architecture of this campus, visitors and students feel as though they have been transported back to the 1920’s while exploring. If you are looking for a beautiful and unique place to take engagement photos, you have to visit Lewis & Clark University in Portland.

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Lewis & Clark University Engagement Photos

Engagement Photo ideas

Need ideas for your upcoming engagement session? Check out this article on The Knot titled, “The 35 Best Engagement Photo Ideas to Ensure You Rock Your Photo Shoot.” Some of the tips they mention in the article are helpful if you want a relaxed photoshoot, a fashionable session, a golden hour session, a hobby focused session, and so much more. No matter what you are picturing for your engagement session, this article will definitely give you inspiration and helpful tips! Couples that we work with often choose iconic locations in their city for engagement sessions. For example, in San Francisco, many couples choose the Palace of Fine Arts due to it’s beauty. Click this link to view an engagement session at the Palace of Fine Arts.

Enagagement Photos Outfits

Wondering what to wear for your upcoming engagement session? We have seen it all from casual jeans and a tee shirt to elaborate and fancy attire. Brides.com has an article titled “What to Wear for Engagement Photos.” Some of their tips include wearing clothes that you feel yourself in, not matching with your partner but complimenting each other instead, avoiding bright colors and choosing neutrals or pastels, and ensuring your outfit aligns with the season and weather. These are all excellent tips! We’ve found that when you feel good, you look good! So choose an outfit that you feel your very best in and your photos will relfect that.

Lewis and Clark University

Lewis & Clark University is located in Portland, Oregon. It “is a private institution with a public conscience, a residential campus with global reach. So what makes the experience of our students unique? How about the inspiring beauty of our natural setting, on 137 wooded acres in Portland’s southwest hills. Or our rich history and our diverse, multicultural present.” This is a beautiful campus with a rich history. The enchanting architecture looks like something out of a fairytale. In addition to the magical campus, this school is highly rated for its academics.

Lewis and Clark College Acceptance Rate

According to USnews, the acceptance rate of Lewis & Clark University is 79.8%. The college was founded in 1867 and is a private institution. Private Colleges are sometimes more selective in the students that they accept, although nearly 80% is a pretty high acceptance rate for this college. Yearly tuition at Lewis & Clark is $57,404. The most popular majors at this school are social sciences. This college is also a highly rated Liberal Arts College.


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