Kubota Gardens Engagement // Will + April


Will and April’s Kubota Gardens Engagement was a breathtaking photo shoot in the heart of Washington. Located in Seattle, Kubota Gardens offers a stunning blend of Japanese landscaping and Pacific Northwest greenery. People know the venue for its serene ponds, vibrant flowers, and intricate bridges. Therefore, it’s no wonder why couples choose this enchanting garden for their engagement photos. The picturesque scenery provides a perfect backdrop for capturing romantic moments.

During Will and April’s engagement session, the excitement was palpable. They prepared meticulously, ensuring every detail was perfect. The team from Sound Originals was on hand to capture every smile, laugh, and tender moment. Their expertise in utilizing natural light and the garden’s features resulted in truly magical photos. Will and April visibly delighted in the outcome as each photograph beautifully reflected their love and joy.

The Sound Originals team felt thrilled to be part of this special day. They enjoyed exploring the garden’s hidden gems with the couple. Their commitment to capturing authentic emotions and stunning visuals was evident in every shot. As a result, the engagement photos turned out to be a perfect blend of nature’s beauty and the couple’s happiness.

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Kubota Gardens Engagements Photos

Kubota Garden Foundation

The Kubota Garden Foundation is dedicated to preserving and enhancing the beauty of Kubota Garden. Established to honor the legacy of Fujitaro Kubota, a visionary landscaper, the foundation supports various initiatives such as educational programs, garden maintenance, and improvements. They organize events and volunteer opportunities, encouraging community involvement and appreciation for this historic garden. Contributions to the foundation help ensure that Kubota Garden remains a tranquil and picturesque sanctuary for all to enjoy, providing a place of reflection and beauty in the heart of Seattle.

Best Time to Visit Kubota Garden

Choosing the best time to visit Kubota Garden can enhance your experience significantly. Spring is a favorite season for many visitors, as the garden comes alive with vibrant blooms and lush greenery. Cherry blossoms and azaleas create a breathtaking spectacle. Fall, on the other hand, offers a different kind of beauty with its rich tapestry of autumn colors. The changing leaves provide a stunning backdrop for photography and peaceful walks. Summer and winter also have their own charms, making Kubota Garden a year-round destination with each season offering a unique perspective.

Kubota Garden Hours

Kubota Garden is accessible to visitors every day from dawn to dusk, making it convenient for everyone to enjoy its beauty at any time. Early risers can take advantage of the quiet morning hours, while those who prefer a later visit can stroll through the garden in the evening light. The garden’s hours make it easy to fit a visit into any schedule. Before planning your trip, it’s advisable to check the garden’s website for any updates on operating hours or special events, ensuring you have the most current information for a pleasant visit.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

The Seattle Wedding Photographers at Sound Originals are known for their exceptional ability to capture the essence of special moments in beautiful settings like Kubota Garden. Their expertise extends to utilizing natural light and the unique features of each venue to create stunning and timeless photographs. Whether it’s an engagement session or a wedding, these photographers bring a blend of creativity and technical skill to their work. Their commitment to storytelling through images ensures that each couple’s love story is beautifully documented, providing cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Their familiarity with popular locations in Seattle guarantees that every shot highlights the unique charm and beauty of the surroundings.


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