Kubota Gardens Engagement // Noah + Miya


We will share Noah and Miya’s Kubota Gardens Engagement with you. Nestled in Seattle, Kubota Gardens unfolds as a natural haven, a sanctuary of blooming romance. Surrounded by vibrant foliage, this enchanting setting served as the backdrop for Noah and Miya’s love story.

Noah and Miya, caught in the embrace of Kubota Gardens, radiated an undeniable joy. Their laughter echoed among the blossoms, a symphony of happiness. Seattle witnessed the magic of love as Noah’s eyes sparkled with affection for Miya, and her smile illuminated the garden’s serenity.

Captured through the lens of Sound Originals, the photographs are a testament to Noah and Miya’s genuine connection. Each frame tells a tale of unspoken promises and shared dreams against the timeless beauty of Kubota Gardens. The couple’s excitement echoed in every click, creating a visual love poem.

In this Classic Collection of emotions, Seattle became the silent witness to a love story written in smiles and stolen glances. From the rustling leaves to the soft hum of the city in the background, every element embraced Noah and Miya’s engagement with open arms.

As we step into Noah and Miya’s world through the lens of Sound Originals, we invite you to relish the intimate moments. Celebrate the genuine connection and immerse yourself in the love story that bloomed in the heart of Kubota Gardens.

Kubota Gardens Engagement Photos

Kubota Gardens in Seattle

Step into the serenity of Kubota Gardens, a 20-acre Japanese haven in Seattle. Crafted by immigrant Fujitaro Kubota in 1927, it’s been a public treasure since 1987. Here, traditional Japanese design unfolds in diverse gardens—an intimate tea sanctuary, a rugged rock retreat, a flowing water haven, and a vibrant flower escape. Bridges, pagodas, and reflective pools enhance the allure. Kubota Gardens isn’t merely greenery; it’s Seattle’s soul-soothing refuge. Whether you seek a stroll, moments of meditation or frames for your camera, this oasis welcomes all. A bustling hub, it’s Seattle’s timeless tapestry, where nature and humanity dance in perpetual harmony.

Kubota Garden Wedding

Kubota Gardens in Seattle, with its 20-acre embrace, is an intimate haven for weddings hosting 50 or fewer guests. Crafted by Japanese immigrant Fujitaro Kubota, the gardens weave traditional Japanese design into various landscapes, creating a uniquely beautiful and atmospheric backdrop for weddings. Couples considering this haven should book dates early due to the gardens’ frequent events. Careful planning of invitations, decorating, and capturing moments through photography and videography completes the experience. Visit gardens, hire a planner, allocate budget—key tips for a special wedding at Kubota Gardens.

Kubota Garden History

Kubota Gardens, Seattle’s hidden gem, blossomed in 1927 under the care of Japanese immigrant Fujitaro Kubota. Dreaming of a Japanese haven, Kubota purchased 20 acres in Rainier Beach, Seattle, to cultivate his vision. Using traditional Japanese garden techniques, he crafted diverse landscapes – tea gardens, rock sanctuaries, water havens, and flower retreats adorned with pagodas, bridges, and pools.

Kubota tirelessly nurtured his creation until his passing in 1973. Posthumously, Seattle Park Department acquired and preserved the garden as a public sanctuary, drawing thousands yearly for walks and meditation. A timeless cultural legacy, Kubota Gardens enchant with the grace and beauty of traditional Japanese garden design.

Kubota Garden Membership

Unlock the green paradise with Kubota Gardens membership, where Seattle’s charm meets traditional Japanese design. Operated by the Seattle Park Department, this public haven offers year-round bliss with perks like unlimited access, exclusive event invites, and nifty member discounts. Two fantastic membership options await: Individual memberships at $50/year for adults, $35 for seniors (65+), and $25 for cool teens (13-17). Or go big with a Family Membership at $100/year for one adult and up to two kiddos. Whether a local or a wanderer, Kubota Gardens membership is your golden key to delving into the allure of nature.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

Dive into the enchanting world of Seattle weddings with Sound Originals, your gateway to capturing love’s timeless moments. These Seattle wedding photographers redefine storytelling, turning each frame into a narrative of emotion and connection. With an artful blend of creativity and authenticity, Sound Originals crafts visual tales that resonate with the unique essence of every couple. Seattle’s dynamic backdrop becomes a canvas, and every click immortalizes the genuine joy of unions. From intimate elopements to grand celebrations, Sound Originals infuses passion into their lens, ensuring your wedding memories are not just captured but artfully woven into a tapestry of love and celebration.


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