Erath Winery Portland Engagement // Nick + Ashley

Erath Winery Seattle Engagement


Follow along this spectacular Erath Winery Portland Engagement.

We chose this photo spot because of its versatility. First, you can visit the urban winery for a few glasses to celebrate your engagement. You can continue your session at the city streets outside of Erath Winery.

The couple chose to bring their Save the Date for a sweet memory. The greenery added a creative foreground to the modern and chic design of the interior. We focused on candid moments as we explored all nooks of the winery. The couple lounged on a comfy couch, danced in the center floor, and moved to the bar to properly commemorate the day with locally made drinks. Walking outside for some fresh air, we had an epic city shoot! The Erath sign added to the urban vibe; the tall buildings and geometric walls made for a lovely backdrop.

If you are looking for an urban indoor and outdoor engagement, mention the Erath Winery Portland to your professional photographer!

Erath Wine Club

Taking your engagement photos at the Erath Winery will give you the chance to try Portland’s historic wines. You can also join the Erath Winery Club: “Cellar Society”. The club offers several memberships. Each membership allows you to choose award-winning wines on a quarterly basis. You can get access to discounts, wine tastings, and more!

Erath Winery Tasting Room

A membership may not be what you’re looking for. For you, Erath Winery has opened a tasting room with regular weekly hours. The Erath Winery Tasting Room has over 90 positive reviews on Yelp! The business has been run for 66 years, offering a specially curated menu of wine tasting experiences. Check out more reviews on TripAdvisor! It is a must visit during your tour of Portland’s Historic Pearl District.


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