East Meadow Trailhead Engagement // Megan + Jared


Love and adventure converged as Megan and Jared celebrated their engagement with a photo shoot in the breathtaking East Meadow Trailhead. Located within the majestic embrace of Rocky Mountain National Park, CO, this location is a haven for photography enthusiasts.

Against the backdrop of awe-inspiring mountains bathed in the soft, romantic glow of the setting sun, Megan proudly displayed her stunning engagement ring. The couple opted for neutral attire, allowing the pristine natural landscape to take center stage. Our talented Sound Originals photographers masterfully captured intimate moments amidst the meadows and the East Inlet.

The magic didn’t stop at close-ups and portraits; the photographers skillfully framed scenic shots with the towering mountains as a breathtaking backdrop. The couple even caught a lucky rainbow in the background, be sure to spot it in the photos below!

Moving to the trails, Megan and Jared changed their outfits for some more photographs. Jared, with pride, wore his U.S. Army uniform, while Megan stunned in a bold black dress, a striking complement to the uniform’s stoic aura.

National parks and majestic mountains have the most unique allure in our experience of doing several engagement shoots. If you’re contemplating a similar adventure, remember to research permits and, while there, leave the landscape as pristine as you found it.

With heartfelt wishes for a beautiful journey ahead, we celebrate Megan and Jared’s love story, forever etched against the backdrop of nature’s splendor.

East Meadow Trailhead Engagement Photos

East Inlet Trail

Situated within the Rocky Mountains, East Inlet Trail beckons adventurers and photographers alike. The hike to East Meadow begins from the East Inlet Trailhead. Megan and Jared found the perfect backdrop for their first look here, a testament to its picturesque charm.

This trail is a hotspot for backpacking, camping, and fishing enthusiasts. It kicks off with the stunning Adams Falls and then meanders through the valley. It’s a fantastic introduction to backpacking or a delightful out-and-back hike. While it boasts some steep sections, the trail near the trailhead is gentler.

For wildlife enthusiasts, mornings and early evenings promise thrilling sightings. However, keep in mind that photographing the mountains may be trickier due to the valley’s east-west orientation.

Backpacking Trails Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park boasts a variety of trails to suit every adventurer. For the intrepid, the ‘Hard’ rated Sky Pond via Glacier Gorge Trail and Chasm Lake offers jaw-dropping Rocky Mountain views, but be prepared for a challenge.

Moderate hikers will find joy in Ouzel Falls via Wild Basin Trail and the ever-popular Cub Lake Loop. These trails balance adventure and accessibility, making them perfect for those seeking a middle-ground experience.

If you’re new to hiking or simply crave an easy stroll, don’t miss The Pool via Fern Lake Trail. Rated ‘Easy,’ it’s open year-round, ensuring visitors can revel in Rocky Mountain splendor without breaking a sweat.

Colorado Hiking Permits

Colorado’s captivating backpacking trails, often demand permits. These permits serve a dual purpose – ensuring your safety and preserving the wilderness. They’re a way for rangers to track your presence and manage the backcountry’s impact. Before you set off on your backpacking expedition, do your homework. Permit requirements vary between parks.

When visiting Rocky Mountain National Park, remember that a single entrance pass is necessary to enter the park. Obtainable at park entrance stations, these passes grant you access to the park’s wonders. So, as you plan your adventure, don’t forget the essential permits and passes that pave the way for a memorable experience.


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