Discovery Park Engagement // Sarah + Caleb


Sarah and Caleb’s Discovery Park Engagement session had fairytale vibes. It was a picture perfect day! The ideal weather for wandering through the park and capturing romantic engagement photos.

Discovery Park is a popular location for engagement photoshoots in Seattle. Couples and professional photographers love how many unique photo opportunities and diverse backgrounds there are in Discovery Park. Some sites in the park that couples often request to take photos at are the lighthouse on the beach, within the grassy fields, and in front of the unique buildings that are within the park. As you scroll through Sarah and Caleb’s gallery, you will notice that they too spent time at some of these gorgeous locations. Our favorite images of Sarah and Caleb are within a meadow, surrounded by pink flowers, during golden hour.

Here’s a little bit of background info on Discovery Park. It is a massive 534 acre park, making it the largest city park in Seattle. Discovery Park offers many impressive views including Puget Sound, the Cascade, and the Olympic Mountain ranges. According to the Seattle Parks website, “The role of Discovery Park is to provide an open space of quiet and tranquility away from the stress and activity of the city, a sanctuary for wildlife, as well as an outdoor classroom for people to learn about the natural world.”

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Discovery Park Engagement Photos

Discovery Park Map

If you’re headed to Discovery Park to explore, you might want a map! This massive park has many different areas, so it’s a good idea to know the direction you’re headed in. You can preview a map on Alltrails, in addition to reading reviews and a list that ranks the park trails. This article is a great resource if you are heading to Discovery Park for the first time and want to know which trail is the best one for you! Be sure to check out the iconic lighthouse down by the beach, this is a truly picturesque part of the park.

Engagement Photo Ideas

If you have an engagement session coming up, it’s a good idea to research engagement photo ideas to feel fully prepared. Be sure to let your photographer know in advance if there are any specific photos you want them to capture. Brides Magazine has an excellent article on their website tited 79 Engagement Photo Ideas from Real Couples. The article offers tips on location, posing, outfits, and timing. Many couples and photographers choose to time the photo session around golden hour, right before the sun sets. This always makes for romantic photo moments as the sun glows softly behind the couple.

Spring Engagement Photos

Thinking about scheduling a spring engagement session? Then you have to check out this article titled The Complete Guide to Spring Engagement Photos. This guide is full of excellent ideas and tips to keep in mind for your spring time photoshoot. Some of the topics covered are what the wear, thinking outside the box, the best time of day, and choosing a meaningful location. If you are located in Washington, then the University of Washington is a beautiful spring time location for engagement photos due to the blooming cherry blossom trees throughout the campus.