Discovery Park Engagement // David + Nicole


We will share with you David and Nicole’s Discovery Park Engagement. Nestled in the heart of Seattle, Discovery Park is a haven of natural beauty. Towering trees, winding trails, and panoramic views of Puget Sound set the scene for unforgettable moments. As David and Nicole embarked on their adventure, their excitement was contagious, their smiles lighting up the forest paths.

Two individuals who were incredibly in love, David and Nicole, spent special times together in the peaceful surroundings of the park. The sound of their laughter floated through the atmosphere, mingling with the soft sound of distant waves lapping leaves. They added a new chapter of steadfast devotion and joy to their love story with every embrace.

Capturing these precious moments was Sound Originals, a team of talented photographers with an eye for detail and a passion for storytelling. With their guidance, David and Nicole’s love blossomed before the lens, immortalized in a series of stunning photographs. As the golden hour bathed Discovery Park in warm hues, David and Nicole’s love radiated even brighter. With the Seattle skyline as their backdrop, they reveled in each other’s company, lost in a world of their own making.

This engagement session was a celebration of love. It was a monument to the connection between two like-minded people, not simply a simple photo session. David and Nicole realized their adventure together had only just begun. The sun sank beyond the horizon, illuminating the sky with pink and gold tones. Discover more tales of romance and adventure on our website. Whether you’re planning your own engagement or simply seeking inspiration, let us be your guide to love in all its forms.

Discovery Park Engagement Photos

Seattle Wedding Photographers

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