Cherry Blossom Engagement Seattle // Lauren + Nathan


You can’t find a more gorgeous place to have engagement photos done! The Washington Park Arboretum is perfect. The location in Seattle is amazing. With only a small window of time for the blossoms Lauren and Nathan chose this location! We met with the couple and had an amazing time. We strolled through the trees and captured amazing photos. It did not matter that it was an overcast day. The cherry blossoms stole the show. Lauren and Nathan chose this location for the beauty. As a result we love how their photos came out! Lauren looked beautiful in her white cotton dress. Their outfits were perfect for the session.

We took many photos among the trees. Stopping to capture perfect moments. The couple even brought a blanket to be able to sit and enjoy. This allowed us to capture some very relaxed moments. The couple decided to quickly change outfits to change the look of photos. We also walked a bit further and captured different photos. The location not far from the cherry blossoms offered a more woodsy feel. This also made for beautiful photo’s of the couple.

The Washington Park Arboretum is a favorite among couples for photos. This location has many cherry blossoms. It also has wooded areas on its 230 acre property. The park contains a dynamic assortment of plants, some found nowhere else in the Northwest! There is the Graham Visitor Center for guests to visit. There is information on the park as well as a small gift shop. There is also Wisteria Hall located there. This can be rented for events and weddings. The location is very beautiful. The arboretum is located in Seattle and is just 10 minutes from downtown. This makes the location very convenient to visit by car or public transportation. Just outside of the park is Montlake. This area has many places to visit.

Cherry Blossom Engagement Seattle Photos

Engagement Photos Ideas

Many couples tell us that they have never had photos done before. Sometimes this is their first shoot together. They struggle with poses or what to do. It’s important that they have direction during their session. MarthaStewart.com has put together a list of 28 Beautiful Engagement Photo Ideas. This slideshow talks about personalizing the session. This could mean picking a location that is meaningful to you. Or some props or signs that give significance to your engagement. The list also highlights ideas for locations. This includes waterfalls and flowers as backdrops. Some couples even choose their college campus if that’s where they met! Seasonal sessions are always popular too. You can do a snowy mountain session. Or somewhere on a tropical beach. With soo many ideas many couples find something that works. As a result they get great photos!

Engagement Photographers

Finding the perfect engagement photographer is important. Couples tell us that they like to choose one that will also be their wedding photographer. Sound Originals loves taking engagement photos. You can do either a local or adventure session. The location is up to the couple but we love to help with suggestions. Pricing for engagement sessions start at $650. Sound Originals even has a list of the best spots for engagement photos in Washington state. A good engagement photographer will help you with your poses. They will also help you with outfit suggestions. The engagement photographer will help you feel comfortable. Guidance on poses during the session is very helpful. Many couples love this. It helps them create great images. As a result our couples are very happy.

University of Washington Cherry Blossoms

The season for cherry blossoms is a short window. Many couples love to have photos with the blossoms. As a result many couples choose engagement photos at University of Washington. Most of the main blooms are on the campus. The location primarily for photos is in the Quad. This location makes for great photos. It can be busy during peak season. The results of the photos is amazing. The cherry blossoms happen in the Spring. The peak time is usually in late March. There are 29 trees in the Quad. Warm weather can sometimes change the peak bloom time. The University suggests checking the website for updates. There area also plum trees on campus. They are just as beautiful but are mistaken for cherry blossoms. They bloom sooner than the cherry blossoms. Komo News station also updates on the blossoms on campus. There is also a great history about the trees. The Yoshino cherry trees were purchased in 1939 and planted in the Washington Park Arboretum. They were later replanted in the Quad in 1962. They are a great backdrop for engagement photos.


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