Cedar Hill Engagement // Blake + Hannah


Blake and Hannah’s engagement photoshoot was like a sweet Texan fairytale at Cedar Hill State Park, just a short drive from Dallas. The park, with its huge space and a big lake, made it feel like they were in a nature wonderland, far away from the city.

Hannah’s engagement ring shone as they shared sweet moments, captured by our amazing photographers. They looked adorable in matching light blue outfits that blended perfectly with the park’s natural beauty. Even without the sun, the barns added a great rustic vibe to their pictures.

Cedar Hill made their photos look like something out of a dream, and we were thrilled to have the whole place to ourselves. Sun or no sun, it didn’t stop our Sound Originals photographer from having a blast and capturing their love in every shot.

As Blake and Hannah start their journey together, we wish them all the luck with hearts full of warm wishes. Cedar Hill State Park was the ideal backdrop for the beginning of their love story. The pictures tell a tale of happiness, and we hope their life ahead is just as amazing.

Cheers to Blake and Hannah, and Cedar Hill for giving us the perfect canvas for their love-filled day!

Cedar Hill Engagement Photos

Cedar Hill Engagement Pictures

Celebrate your Texas engagement with an exquisite photoshoot at Cedar Hill State Park. Cedar Hill, near the lively Dallas area, is a beautiful mix of hills and meadows. Capturing Blake and Hannah’s engagement pictures there was something special. The park’s rustic feel and western vibes, with sheds and trees giving off a country touch, added a unique charm. It feels totally Dallas! The pictures we got around the space perfectly show their love in this natural setting. Cedar Hill turned out to be a fantastic backdrop, bringing in the beauty of nature for some unforgettable engagement moments.

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