Alki Beach Engagement // Madeline + Ryan


Madeline and Ryan look absolutely fantastic in their Alki Beach engagement photos! We love Madeline’s red dress. It’s stunning! The couple are both airline pilots. We picked Alki Beach as the location for their engagement photos in Seattle because of the skyline views. Photographers adore how the Seattle skyscrapers twinkle in the evening light. The weather cooperated for this Alki Beach engagement, that’s for sure! We started our couples session near the Water Taxi dock. After that, we walked along the wooden pier down to the pebble beach. The best time to schedule an Alki Beach engagement is about one hour before sunset. The golden light from the sun shines across Puget Sound and Elliott Bay just enough to light up the buildings in the skyline. Every Seattle engagement photographer knows how important it is to take pictures during sunset!

Alki Beach Engagement Photos

Couples love taking their engagement photos at Alki Beach. The piers and viewpoints along Beach Drive offer some of the most stunning vistas of the downtown skyline. You can also explore the small pebble beaches with boulders and huge logs. The water looks terrific in the evening alongside the large rocks, driftwood and passing boats. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a glimpse of a passing ferry!

Beach Engagement Photos

Alki Beach is the best place for beach engagement photos in the Seattle area. Most professional photographers in Seattle love the view of the Olympic Mountains and Downtown Seattle skyline from Alki Beach. As a result, photographers suggest viewpoints along Beach Drive when couples ask for beach engagement sessions. There are many places along Beach Drive for great water view pictures. However, couples usually take their engagement photos closer to the King County Water Taxi or Salty’s Restaurant. That’s because the view here is terrific. However, you won’t find sandy beaches there. The beaches have small rocks and pebbles. As a result, it’s less crowded. That’s better for photography! The small beaches feel like secluded coves. It’s usually empty near the water.

We have more ideas for beach engagement photos. Want to go on an adventure? Let’s drive to Olympic National Park. Ruby Beach offers some of the best beach engagement photos in the world.

Engagement Photographers

Sound Originals is the best team of engagement photographers in Washington State. We love engagements! They’re exciting, romantic and unique. Couples pick the best location for engagement photos based on their own style. As your engagement photographer, we’ll offer some ideas for spots to take pictures. But we love when couples have their own ideas, too! As a result, we’ll help you pick the best location. Think about your first date or where you met. What are your hobbies? What are your interests? Where do you spend your Saturdays? What kind of location represents your style as a couple? These questions will help you pick the right place to take your pictures. As a result, you’ll be more comfortable. Your couples portraits will be better when you are relaxed. That’s why we’ll help you plan the perfect session!

Engagement Photo Dresses

We know how excited you are to plan your outfits for your engagement photos! Brides-to-be often ask their engagement photographers for advice on the best engagement photo dresses. Madeline’s red dress looks amazing. It’s bright and vibrant. Her dress stands out with the blue water and skyscrapers behind her. Our friends at Brides.com put together a wonderful article with some ideas for engagement photo dresses. We think you’ll like it!

Seattle Wedding Photographers

Seattle Wedding Photographers is not just a team capturing moments; they’re memory weavers, threading the essence of love into every frame. With an artful eye and a genuine passion for storytelling, they breathe life into each wedding, engagement, and special occasion they encounter. Their images resonate with authenticity, reflecting the unique bond and personalities of the couples they photograph. From the tender embrace to the infectious laughter on the dance floor, they encapsulate the entire spectrum of emotions. Sound Originals invites you to embark on a journey of creating timeless memories together, ensuring that your special day is immortalized with warmth and sincerity.


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